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The actual moment my Xmas dreams were realised.
At 8yrs old training begins…

“Let me tell ya little dudes; my muscles started pumpin, and my heart started poundin. And I felt stronger. And I kept goin on. And on ‘n on ‘n on. And I just kept goin on ‘n on ‘n on. I then finally I was finished.

You know, that’s why I’m undefeated, because I don’t quit, and neither should you little Hulksters.” – The one and only Hulk Hogan


I technically started training at the tender age of 8 years old when I received the Hulkamania Workout Set for Christmas (I STRONGLY suggest that you spend some time listening to that audio, it might just change your life…).

I proceeded to do some ‘lifting & jumping, hanging & banging’ in the lounge on regular occasion, much to the immense amusement of my sisters. I didn’t care, I couldn’t be happier, starting my path to forearms like Hulk. I clearly needed it, notice the two hands on the scissors above.


So, did I get there? Well, kind of. I am pretty lean most of the time and I am thinning on top, but I’m certainly no Hulk. However, for a while there this was a big goal (BG) for me, albeit a juvenile one, but it worked because I worked at it.

“Life doesn’t get better by chance, it gets better by change” – Jim Rohn

  This is the advert that got me…



For life to improve you must have a BG.

This doesn’t have to be something specific like getting hulk-like forearms, it can be a broad vision for your life.

Let me explain how my own journey has changed and the ups and downs I’ve been through. It may just sound familiar…


I’m not that guy that used to be 150kg, weak, depressed, diseased and full anti-alpha, but my life hasn’t been all dedication, focus, hand-grippers (See the Hulkamania Workout Set), squats, chin ups and abs. I have been down the path of most men, if perhaps in some way different, still very much the same.

I was always active and played many sports excelling in particular at rugby. When I was at university I played very competitively, I even had All Blacks and other international players in my team.

So you might think I was an athlete; in great shape, ate well, avoided booze, driven- sorted.

 I wasn’t. At all. Far from it in fact.


Ironically I’m much better suited to that highly competitive sport now, now that I have my shit (a lot more) sorted.


You see I was making some pretty basic, but ultimately costly, mistakes.

My dream was to become an All Black. It didn’t happen, and I can tell you why. It was the same mistakes I’ve touched on above.

Let me explain:

1.       Not being clear on my goals and not realising the drive, focus and action and application needed to actually achieve them. My priorities were waaay off track for this and I didn’t want it badly enough.

2.       My nutrition was horrid. Admittedly I was a broke student, but I managed to find enough cash for beers. Heaps of beers. So that story held be back and justified my broken priorities. I ate cheap mince (Americans Note: ground beef), pasta, bread, noodles, baked beans, takeaways, McDonalds, like a lot of McDonalds. I had no idea what I was doing and my body and performances suffered horribly. True scarcity thinking.

3.       I was an athlete, right? Well, I went to training 3 times a week and played on Saturdays, but I hardly did anything outside of the team practice work, and when I did I was like a blind-folded nun at a swingers party – just
trying to figure out how to get out unscathed as quickly as possible.

me comparison4.       I partied. A lot. As I mentioned, I was a student, so this involved too much excess, not enough quality sleep and then late and all night cramming for exams and assignments. My lifestyle was a mess.

I was generally a lot closer to sloth and couch bound Nintendo player than upstanding citizen, fit to run the country one day or at least show men how to live a more awesome life. My life was living one week to the next, with no real pleasure past the weekend and getting laid – oh and not freezing to death in my shitty flat!


So, what changed?

Well first off I left Uni, got a job, started working as a trainer and become much more interested in the human body and health. This then developed and continue to become ‘my thing’.

Yet still I was kind of floating along, slowly gaining more years under my belt as a PT and that’s about it.


My natural curiosity led to me expanding my knowledge and skill set. Then some things changed in my life, I took a slightly new view and was guided expertly (Thanks NN) in planning what I wanted my life to be. 

I listed the things I valued most in life. I used these and laid out a vision for what my life would look like in 5 years time. I joined a group of like minded people all striving to create something awesome – a kick ass business and life to match it. I learnt from mentors and like-minded folk all on their own journeys.

This vision became my daily reading and reflection time. And slowly the majority of my day to day decisions became ones that led me towards that vision. Each day I do something I am truly passionate about. I am building a life that I love and am proud of. I am helping people to do the same and it feels fucking great!


Am I there yet? Of course not, but I’m far closer than Uni Mike or even post Uni Mike. Shit, I wrote a book that hit #1 on Amazon for Men’s Health (at full price I might add, not the $0.99 release that many ‘bestsellers’ do). If that isn’t hitting a big goal then I don’t know what is.

However, it’s just one BG on the road to many more BG’s and my big vision.


Why should I set a BG?

I implore you to create a picture of what you want your life to look like. A vision that will light you up when you read it and say “Fuck yes, I want that to be my life!” then once you set a plan, get the wheels turning and consistently take steps in the right direction you will start ticking off small wins along the way to a really kickass BG.

This will see you living with purpose and passion. It’s a sure fire way to actually enjoying your days on this earth and it will leave people who interact with you knowing you are someone with a fire in your heart and a purpose to what you do.

Not just going routinely from A to B, waiting for the weekend and next holiday.  Don’t be that guy. Become someone who actually loves every day, who is striving to a better life for yourself and the people around you. You will enjoy the journey so much more and you’ll also be able to look back on your life with pride and contentment.

Plus, reaching a BG is freaken awesome! It provides those moments in life that we remember forever – if we give ourselves permission to go for it, to fail, to keep going, to suck at times, to succeed and to actually acknowledge the success.


bg picWhen and how should I set a BG?

When is generally obvious… NOW! The time and situation of your life may just determine at which end point that BG is and therefore what it is exactly. Regardless of this you can still set a point in the future to aim for something more awesome than you have right now.

As I described above, write down what is really important to you; your goals, your values and your favourite things in the world. Then take these things and lay them into a story, a vision that depicts your life 5 years from now. Maybe for you it might be 4 years initially, maybe it’s 10. That’s for you to work out. Write it, refine it, read it and repeat.

Make sure you tap into your body and how you need and want to FEEL. This is of utmost importance. These feelings unique to you should be the central theme of this vision.


Reverse engineering

This term has etched its way into my mind via a mentor of mine who seems to say it a lot, and it’s now going to be your friend. Take this vision and work backwards from it in order to outline what steps must be put into your plan. You now have a set of action steps.

 Application, hard work and consistency

Now you have to follow through, right… there’s far more to it than just getting a nice flow chart and inspiring few paragraphs down on paper. You have to pull finger and make change happen.

However, if you’ve got the vision right, this is what will provide the ‘get-up-and-go’. Having a big enough WHY is where intrinsic motivation comes from.

It’s a simple case of “The juice is worth the squeeze”.

So think about what ‘juice’ is going to be appealing enough that you’re willing to squeeze and squeeze and squeeze?


This is what I did, have done and continue to do. Going from slightly overweight Uni student with terrible internal health and no real direction or idea at all bascially (but heaps of good times… definitely still that) I am now on a path to a life that truly lights me up. And along the way to that I have ticked off one MASSIVE big goal – I have authored an Amazon #1 book (and you know, some other things too….)!


Unleash2ndedition_3D cropWhat next for you? Well, enter said book…

If you want to get your very own copy of my book, and have me sign it and write a cool little inscription personally for you (plus loads of extra goodness coming soon with these) then click here (This is now part of my Better Man Action Plan (BMAP) in which you get loads of extras including a coaching webinar video by me with some insights into my newest content and coaching you through some of this stuff in person, basically).

Once you have a vision for who you want to become and what you want your life to be, you have to start doing it. In my book I expand on this and take you through the steps that I believe are the keys to making this change. In the BMAP I go even further. Of course everything is individual, but if you get yourself to a place of healthy, switched on, energetic and man who is able to show up in the world as YOU – holding your personal power, you can now attack any plan you may have.

“If you’re going to do this, you might as well do it right Daddy!” – Hulk Hogan

– Mike


So, what’s your big goal? I encourage you to share, because then it becomes real and you gain instant accountability. Something I did when I committed to writing my book – I shared it on facebook. Then I had no choice but to follow through, because the internet knew about it. Now’s your chance too… go to go to my facebook page and let me know.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]