Everyday men deserve legendary lives

The EVERYDAY LEGENDS ACADEMY is where men of all stripes come together to build rock-solid purpose, got-your-back community, and connected and secure relationships.
Because while the lone wolf fights to survive…



You’ve come far, mate.
You’ve checked out the books about “building resiliency” and “mastering your life”. You’ve tried all (and I mean ALL) the podcasts. The YouTube algo is convinced you’re the secret child of Jordan Peterson, Russell Brand, and Ozzie Man. To sum it up: you’ve realised quick fixes and cookie cutters just don’t, well, cut it. You’re finally ready to solve the jigsaw puzzle that is your life. You’re going to build something kickass, fulfilling, and purpose-driven.

So you set out like Frodo (with shoes on, hopefully) because the manly go-alone approach is the next and fastest step, right? You just wanna get the work done, not throw a ring into a distant volcano. Simple.

Yeah, simple. Easy? Not quite.

I get it and I’ve been there. Life can feel like a complex and unclear puzzle…

You’ve got a picture of what you want to build but it looks hazy.

Are you missing some pieces? You can’t be sure.

Or its the opposite problem; you know exactly what to do but you don’t seem to do it. WTF not?

Whether your picture is clear AF or foggier than a food coma post-Macca’s, for whatever reason, trying to solve your puzzle leaves you frustrated, de-motivated, and more uncertain than ever.

How fucked is feeling overwhelmed and unclear, am I right?

Imagine then how good ease, fulfilment & clarity feel…


Let’s make things a little (or a lot) clearer.

Hey mate, I’m Mike Campbell. I’ve been a man coach in Australia/NZ for a decade now, but I’ve (obviously!) been a man for a lot longer than that.

After I realised I was basically floating through life and coasting on what felt good (but not great), I wanted to go deeper. So I spent years training, studying, and coaching to figure out what really makes us me tick. Hell, I’m still training. Life’s too fucken short to half-ass your knowledge, right?

What I learnt was also what makes men tick.

I’ve also learned from experience: if you want to move past the basic Instagram quotes and podcast pundits, there’s a wildly powerful thing that will help you…

… Awareness + Action + Accountability with a supportive community of men.

Makes sense, right? We all know it’s not the best idea to try and bench 100kg for the first time without a spotter. We all know a road trip is a million times better with mates. And we all know beers PLURAL is better than beer.

So let’s work on your puzzle. Let’s build an understanding of what drives you. Let’s make sense of life and get to work – not to make things “perfect” (whatever the fuck that is) but meaningful. Clear. Deep. Real.

Listen, mate, I’ll be honest: if you want to get your shit sorted and have it stay sorted, you’re gonna want a clear method, of course, and there are a lot of them out there.

But more than that, you’re gonna want a meaningful crew of men just like you who’ve got your back no matter what.

And guess what? We’ve built that crew right here.



“Beforehand I was umming and ahhing; ‘Should I do this? ’Now I just want to bottle this feeling I have and sell it! You’ve awakened a monster.”


“Growth wouldn’t have been possible without the unbelievable support of all the incredible and inspiring men.”


“The community is nothing short of amazing and the connections I have built over the last 3 months are genuine, tough loving and also bring a lot of joy.”


“Joining ELA is one of the best choices I have EVER made, and I have a Ph.D. (that’s saying something).

Mike is down-to-earth, easy to talk to, full of wisdom and insights that he embodies, and will hold you accountable when needed with compassion and a firm hand.”


“Mike would have to be the most patient and insightful person I have ever met. I always felt throughout my ELA journey that I am in a safe place; no judgement, no awkwardness. Massive thank you to Mike for giving me the tools to move forward in my head and life.”


ELA is


Maybe you’ve heard the phrase “drink a cup of concrete and harden the fuck up”. You tried that, and yes, it felt like drinking a cup of fucken concrete.

Orrrrr you’ve seen so much Instagram fluff you could start a pillow factory. “Just close your spirit eyes and allow your highest self to get higher than your highest-er self”.

Fucken nope to all that.

The Everyday Legends Academy is where men train something a little more, you know, balanced. Real.

We train men in being better men, in being better at being their own man.

We prioritise awareness, curiosity, compassionate decisiveness, generous leadership, robust health, and more.

Put it all together, and you have what the ancient Greeks called Zeus Energy.
Or, said perhaps in more plain English: An Unfuckwithable Legend

This kind of energy is more than solid, it’s grounded. More than confidence, it’s belief and knowing. More than authority, it’s authentic and accountable leadership. More than kindness, it’s generosity and goodwill. Y’know, basically being the most useful human and sorted man you can be.

I don’t know about you, but these priorities are a bright “north star” for me. I can work towards them and take ownership of them—without feeling like I’m supposed to chew on sheet metal for breakfast or cleanse my chakras.

But if you could really cultivate Zeus energy by yourself, you wouldn’t be here and neither would I. That’s the first missing puzzle piece: support, challenge, and accountability of good men.
My ability to hold myself accountable is based on the accountability I have from the good men in my corner.


ELA: What’s Inside The Tin

We know one size does not fit all. So we’ve created two different tiers:
1. Development Academy
2. Everyday Legends Academy

Support when and where you need it

Getting your shit together is a helluva lot faster, easier, and stronger with mates. You'll be connected with men on the same mission as you, so you'll have clear, confidential support in an environment that makes growth easy.

A private community of like-minded men

Of course, that means all of us, not just the coaches (plural). We'll get our hands dirty and hold each other accountable. So for example, when you self-sabotage - numb out with porn or social media - expect some empathy and loving straight-talk to get you back on track!

Community-wide coaching calls

Building a strong foundation takes consistency. We’ll regularly dig into the good stuff, the hard stuff, and the fun stuff and help you make your shit make sense.

Plus - what you learn about your shit from hearing others be supported is invaluable. Something you only get in group-based work.

Exclusive coaching from 3 different coaches

We’re a crew. In addition to the other men, you’ll have access to three different coaches. That means three unique viewpoints and three different pillars of support. Hope like nuance, mate.

Learn more about our coaches below.

Hi, I’m Phil McAuliffe. I started doing this work from the place where you are now: reading Mike’s content and testimonials on his website. I tried to put his advice into action myself. Sometimes it worked, but soon found myself relapsing. I joined ELA in 2016 and quickly learned there’s power in a group of men coming together to support each other and put their best selves into the world.

With Mike’s support, I’m now putting my best self into the world, helping others through my work in The Loneliness Guy and The Lonely Diplomat and through coaching here with Mike and Kristian to uncover their awesomeness.

Hi, my name is Erik. I have been in the coaching and facilitation space for nearing on 10 years now. Currently helping men unlock more power, live with more passion and get more on purpose in life.

Really looking forward to diving into some calls with you men and unlocking newer versions of yourself that are even more loving, happy and peaceful. It is an honour to journey with each of you.

Outside of calls and live Q&A's

Mike and Phil dedicate time every week to get under the hood of team members and dig into anything that’s on your mind. We talk about your job, women, how funny Inspired Unemployed is, it's all on the table.

A massive amount of training

Eight modules with video lectures, notes, downloadable audio, and bonus content from our three coaches. Six months of in-depth and comprehensive training material. Yours for life.

Mike Campbell teaching

You already know from those undies your grandma got you that one Christmas (shudder) that a) one size does not fit all and b) everyone’s got unique needs. So we’ve created two different tiers:

Development Academy

Hover above the starred features to see more info

Six months of training content across 8 modules
Lifetime access
Mighty Networks private community
Specific teams for specific topics
Live, community-wide Q&A with Mike*
Academy-wide coaching calls*
Live Q&A sessions on your Manual*
Small Teams*
Weekly Coach Voxer Office Hours
Comprehensive Manual*
Open Enrolment*
1-On-1 PowerUp Coaching Calls*
Regular, individualised in-depth coaching,
feedback support
The work starts now, if you're ready, click the button below to start the exploration process and let’s find out if this is for you!
Investment starts at just $67/week (AUD)*
Explore & Apply
*across a 12-month plan

Everyday Legends Academy

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Six months of training content across 8 modules
Lifetime access
Mighty Networks private community
Specific teams for specific topics
Live, community-wide Q&A with Mike*
ELA-only coaching calls*
Live Q&A sessions on your Manual*
Small Teams*
Weekly Coach Voxer Office Hours
TWO Comprehensive Manuals
Exclusive Enrolment*
1-On-1 PowerUp Coaching Calls*
Regular, individualised in-depth coaching,
feedback & support
The work starts now, if you're ready, click the button below to start the exploration process and let’s find out if this is for you!
Investment starts at just $67/week (AUD)*
Explore & Apply
*across a 12-month plan

Everyday Legends Academy

Hover above the starred features to see more info

The work starts now, if you're ready, click the button below to start the exploration process and let’s find out if this is for you!


Spots for either program don’t start by formal APPLICATION exactly – to click the button and answer the questions isn’t a commitment of any sort. It’s an opportunity to explore if ELA can be a fit for you – to put your hat in the ring.
Starting the ELA Application Process will allow you to answer some questions that bring you immense clarity AND give Mike the info he needs to establish relevance and suitability for you. You’ll also be given some short videos to watch to outline a bit more on the program and some of the approaches we use. You can then book a time to chat about it with Mike – free. The buy-in comes by sharing your answers and putting your hat in the ring. We’ll then chat discuss it.

Are you ready to help yourself and take a step?

We’ve got you.

Module #1

Who Am I?

Module #2

Wounds & VILLAINS: WHY you who you are

Module #3

Setting Direction

Module #4

Being Intentional

Module #5

Perspective, Capacity, & Commitment

Module #6

Relationships & Communication

Module #7

Community & Contribution

Module #8

Wrap & Reintegration


Villain & Wound Integration Week - Meeting Your Needs

The way I see it, right now
you have 2 options:

Keep going the way you are now.

Continuing on your path and change little to nothing or maybe you need some clarity first


Take action.

Change your life, change yourself and achieve the best state-of-mind that you have ever had.

The best time to start is NOW.



Most frequent questions and answers

This is not therapy and we are not trained therapists. We are coaches.
Is it better? That depends on you. It’s different. 
When you do this work in a group setting, it automatically carries out differently. Think of it like a team sport. Trying to take the field by yourself won’t work so well in overcoming the obstacles you face. But when your team is all there, working towards the same goal, getting the strategy right, and doing the work, it becomes easier, stronger, fluid.

Speaking from experience, that aspect alone is one of the greatest feelings in the world as a man; knowing my teammates not only want me to win but have my back. And hey, if you’ve never played team sports, now you’ll get a taste of what it’s like—minus the locker room smell.

However, this is training, not therapy. So we’ll support you in uncovering what might hold you back and at the same time, we’ll support and challenge you to do something about it, to implement the learnings and take action on creating the change you need and want.

Ha! Yes, you’re gonna be talking about feelings, but you’ll also be learning strategies and tactics for managing what you feel in a healthy, sensible way. As I said, we like to keep things balanced.

But we go way beyond talking about how you feel. We understand how to manage and graduate your emotions, we learn how to listen to them to respond and act differently. Plus, ultimately, we support you in understanding your shit so you can move out from under its thumb and go beyond it. Stronger than it and ready for what life has available to you. Some of that will involve you diving into uncomfortable feelings. But, as stated, we’ll be there at your back to support you, help you make sense of it all, and grab your arm in boosting you to the next level should you need it.

In short – no. While it might seem like you might “get more individualised and focused coaching” in 1-1, you miss out on so much from the group and community element. It’s one of the reasons I – Mike – don’t offer 1-1 outside of my INNER CIRCLE, because most of the growth guys want and need comes via the group setting.

That and this: a lot of guys who want 1-1 are actually unsure about what a group program is or what it will ask of them, and so become doubtful – or shit fucking terrified – of actually addressing their shit and being seen in a group environment by other men, like they might be judged, seen as wrong, useless, incompetent or like they’re not enough of a man. These are all real fears but all false realities. You are welcomed in by supportive dudes who soon become like best mates, who are on their own project and want to see you get out from behind your shit and win. 

Having said that – depending on the program you join, there is loads of actual individualised support and coaching. ELA itself has considerable 1-1 elements, from exclusive coaching calls and in-depth and thorough manual support (we give you immense notes, feedback, and coaching written down and saved in your manual forever).
There is, however, the possibility of joining Mike’s ‘ZEUS Inner Circle’ – which is extremely limited capacity and only possible via personal conversation. Ask Mike if this is suitable for you.

The easy, sales-y answer would be “as committed as you want, mate!” but that’s not what we’re about. You’ve got the content for life, but we want you there. We want you to show up as often as possible. If you can manage 2-3 hours a week, you’ve got this.

To be honest, you wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t someone the men in the ELA could believe in. So, think about this for a moment: can you believe it’s possible for a future version of you to commit and follow through on something like this, something that will be wonders for you? If yes, that’s all you need! If no, well you need a team in your corner, stat – who WILL believe in you and commit to you.

Bottom line – you need to be able to prioritise time and/or be willing to be held accountable to doing so. Having a team in your corner helps monumentally with both calling BS on the excuses that are just that, and in actually getting done what needs to be done. In short: accountability is irreplaceable in terms of following through on our commitments. Something you just can’t get when you try and muddle through this work all by yourself.

Take as long as you like, mate. The work material is yours forever! However, each module does have a specific length, ranging from 2 to 3 to 4 weeks depending on the module. That is your general guide for each module. Roughly one lecture a week, complete with exercises and challenges to support the implementation and your growth. but yeah, lifetime access to the content (and community).

100% online. The content lives on a platform called Kajabi while the community lives on Mighty Networks. We also use Google Drive and Google Docs for manuals and saving other files.

While the course spans 6 months, the *rough* time commitment is around 2-3 hours a week to complete. 

Good question, brother! I remember when some of this stuff was like a foreign language to me. But that’s now part of my skill set; simplifying this stuff, so it’s easy to understand and do. The main thing for you to remember is this: if you want to have a better life and become the best man you can be, an everyday legend, then you can definitely do this – especially with support.

Yes and no. no tasters – that’s the secret sauce, dude! But yes, you can find out the details – that starts with a mini-coaching and strategy call with Mike to explore you and make sense of what’s going on in your world so Mike can get a clear understanding of where you’re at, support you with some simple clarity, and get clear on if ELA is for you. From there, if it seems so, then a second call will be scheduled to go into all the details and answer any questions you have to see if this is the solution for you.

You can be located anywhere for this course. Just do the work when it works for your schedule. The group calls and live Q&A’s all work to a calendar that you get access to so you can plan and schedule and make sure you can get on what you can. Plus all calls are recorded which you get access to. Basically, unless you live in the most remote place on earth, you got this and we got you.

There sure are. Which plan depends on which program you join – ELA proper or the Development Academy. All of those options including which course, are for a discussion with Mike so you can see what is going to be the best fit for you. Book a call and get started with the conversation. You could be the next guy sharing epic words about your experience on this very page.

Can you say “all the time”? You’ll have access to our exclusive community hosted on Mighty Networks to ask Mike, the other coaches, teammates and grads in the community your questions, share your progress and learnings. As well as weekly coaching calls for all support and questions we have weekly live Q&As for just that.  In short, there is no shortage of places and capability to ask questions. We show you how to utilise the community for this as well – that way, other guys (who I GUARANTEE will have the same question) can also benefit from the discussion. This also means that following along and communicating about it there will allow you to benefit from other guys’ questions too.

Shit yes, you can! Keep in mind that ‘starting now’ means starting the possibility of enrolment. No spots are guaranteed, as it is vital that you are suitable for ELA and that we think we have a full and remarkable solution for you. That’s why EVERY guy joining the world of ELA first starts with a conversation with Mike. He (hi, that’s me) wants to be extremely confident this can be THE solution for you like it has been for so many men before you.

Click below to book a call to start the conversation with Mike now – zero obligation, not anything even remotely close to pressure – simply clarity and opportunity.

Finish your puzzle

I’m not gonna mince my words: ELA is perfect for you if you’ve got a so-so life, even a good life – but you want a great life. You and I know that your greatness is on the other side of some shit.

The good news is that’s something all of us have in common, and something we can help each other with, and there is nothing more powerful for this than a community of men who have your back. Who are willing to hold you to your word, give you the feedback you need to build a legendary life, and support your change. Your growth. Your potential.

It’s time to finish the fucken puzzle, mate. And after, we’ll grab a few cold ones – my shout.

I’m not gonna mince my words.

Mike Campbell Signature

“You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain by just getting Mike’s perspective via the Application Process. He took the time to really listen and see if we could work together. He made a promise that I would have his full support and he has not only kept that promise but been there above and beyond.”