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Loving Straight Talk helping Everyday Men Build Legendary Relationships; with Yourself, your Partner, and your World.

Navigating manhood in the 21st century can be confusing and hard. And ever changing world, our roles and responsibilities can make for finding our place, finding our true identity like wandering a minefield.

‘Harden up and be tough’ no longer cuts it, nor does ‘open up and be emotional’. Are we supposed to provide and lead or step back and support? Should we be strong and resilient or open and emotional? is it just one thing?
Or have we become lost in all this and as a result lost ourselves?

Each week, join me and my guests as we hit you with honest and loving straight talk designed to help you understand who you are, who you want to become, and actually give you accessible and easy to implement stories and lessons so that you can become a solid legend to yourself, in your relationships, and in your world.

This podcast will bring examples to follow and invitations to become – an Everyday Legend.

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