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The first time you ate Weetbix, they were pretty good. But over time, they got a bit boring. Bland. Predictable. So you had to add more sugar to disguise it. Hoping something extra would hide the boring shit. And that’s how life is feeling right now – having to distract yourself from the frustrating, boring, stuck, and disconnected parts.
Instead of adding more sugar and rotting your teeth and guts, you need a new recipe, bro. Shit, you need a new meal. Weetbix is boring AF, let’s add some excitement to the menu of your life!

And that’s how life’s feeling right now. I’m pumped to chat about how you can get more from the everyday and become the legendary man you’ve always wanted to be. Not James Bond. Just an everyday dude, but a legend.

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Is being too much of a nice guy costing you?