explanation “So Mike let me ask you- who are you to write a book?

These were the words spoken when I sat down with the editor of a large magazine to discuss my book.

Now, he was asking from a journalistic stand point; pure interest and information gathering to frame the story, I have to give him that one. However, this is something I have been asked and have also asked myself.

I mean, we all have self doubt, myself included. I can’t give accurate numbers, but I regularly have moments of “Shit, is this going to be any good?” And “Will people slate me for this?” etc.

This happened more so in the early stages of the process, as the idea was forming. Now to say this was a solo effort would be a blatant lie. I’ve had guidance, mentoring and huge support from various people. One such person put a little idea in my mind about this very question that has strengthened and strengthened.

Want to know what my answer to that question is now?

Who am I to not write this book?!

Not only do I think I am qualified and experienced enough to write this book, but I wholeheartedly believe that I have to. No, I must!

You see we men are an endangered species. Well, that is ‘man’ in the traditional sense: leader, provider, role model, masculine, strong, virile- alpha.

This man is on the decline. A serious – fuck people, wake up, we’re dying – decline.


In Australia alone 70% of men are overweight or obese, 28% of us are obese! That shit is not cool!

And it’s not just obesity and the various deadly conditions and diseases that result from it (think diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s etc) but serious mental health problems too. Depression and suicide in men are growing at alarming rates. I spoke to one of Australia’s leading experts in mental heal disorders Dr Jonathan Phillips about this and according to him:

We know that one in five Australian men in any given year have a diagnosable mental health disorder. And very few of them in fact know and even fewer get assessed. Very few of them will do anything about it.  The trick with mental health problems is intervention at an early time. Depression is probably the illness, which causes the greatest health burden worldwide at the present time.”

Again, that shit is not cool! In fact it should scare the pants off you! Because I can assure you it did me.

Statistics like these compounded with the issues I’ve seen day in, day out for close to ten years as a trainer and coach and I have come to an inescapable conclusion-

changeWe’ve fucked this up. We’re fat, we’re unhappy and we’re confused.

Now of course it’s not just as simple as that. Many men are living great lives, myself included and I’m not ashamed of it. But on the whole there are far far too many men staring down past a gut they dislike when they take a leak. Too many men clocking in each day to their hamster wheel and going about a routine that provides no inspiration or enjoyment. Too many men stuck in a rut, searching for more- shit, most don’t even know it’s Groundhog day!


Enter my idea – Unleash your Alpha; a guide to help men discover how to eat how a man should eat, train like an athletic beast, operate like a gentleman and become a legend – my answer to these problems and why I have to write my book!

My idea develops, builds momentum and the words flow. Not only this, but my resolve and determination to spread my message, my answer to help men break the shackles cements itself daily in my mind.

So when that day comes… “Mike, who are you, to write this book?” the only answer is:

“Who am I to not write this book?! The world is desperately in need of a new manhood and I have an answer, I have to share it!”

It would be remiss of me to hide behind my comfort zone and just keep cruising along, training people and living my life. I’d be cheating myself – no doubt – but more importantly I’d be cheating the men of this world that have something missing in their lives. A hole that needs filling: energy, confidence, health, a sex life they would happily brag about to their mates.

And it really isn’t that complicated. In fact I strive to simplify this health and fitness malarkey for men because that’s one of the biggest issues we face- there is so much confusing information. It pisses me right off!

Getting in great shape, developing a body you’re proud of and a life that you actually love isn’t that complicated. Now, I’m not saying you aren’t going to have to work hard- you most definitely are! But it’s really quite simple.

How-to-Measure-MLM-SuccessMy process covers 5 key success points

  •  Mindset,
  •  Nutrition,
  •  Training,
  •  Lifestyle, and
  • Man skills- the finer points of being a man

This is what I cover in my book and aim to provide- a real solution to the issues we men face.

It’s vital that men start making positive changes in order to become healthier, happier and living fuller lives.

And you know what- we also have to get over this ridiculous ego that we’ve got. Sure, we need to have a strong foundation and be tough, but to hold up a mask of fake bravado and constant comparison to others is pointless and futile. In order for change to happen, we have to accept that we might not be perfect, that we might need some work and that we might just have to be vulnerable enough to ask for help.

So today I share with you my book for that exact reason; a stepping stone for you to start your journey to becoming a better man.

Take a look in the mirror; assess yourself and your life. Note what needs work and then set a plan in place. Make a promise to yourself that you’ll work on these things, relentlessly. And then do it- apply, apply, apply.

Planning + application + follow through = results


So I say again, who am I to not write a book that contains this information for men?

And I ask you– what do you have that people need? What are you not sharing with the world that you could be?



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