There are a few ways you can engage with me (that’s me – Mike), from free to smaller investment do-at-home courses, to my major coaching program where the most significant work happens and you enter into the community of like-minded men, me and my team to support you wholeheartedly.

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If you have questions, first check the FAQ below, if your question isn’t answered, contacts us on support@mikecampbell.com.au


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Are You Too Nice?

Nice Guys everywhere are constantly paying the price for being too nice. The answer is NOT to be an asshole – it’s much much better.
Take the test now to see if you’re TOO nice and what you can do about it. Change your life for good.

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Bulletproof Body

Want to build THE Bulletproof body – strong, lean, healthy, effective? There’s a big secret to this stuff – and it’s all really easy.
This program has the best program you need to build the body – it’s FREE. I just don’t think you’ll do it

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For those guys serious about their growth and making positive and significant change, these investment options may suit you

Next Level Confidence Code

Sick of self-doubt, of answering to fear; all the “What’s if’s” and worst-case scenarios ruling your life?
Learn to move from self-doubt to self-belief; to become a grounded, calm, confident decision-maker with the epic do-at-home 5-week program – just $297 AUD.

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Better Partner Project

Relationships your biggest cause of distress and frustration? Want to be the best partner you can be and build an unflappable relationship?
This 4-week accelerator course in relationships for men will help you become your best, get on the same page and build a partnership that feels easy – Just $297 AUD

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Everyday Legends Academy 

Mike’s major coaching program is the Everyday Legends Academy – a home for everyday men to build Legendary Relationships; with themselves, their partners, and their worlds. Reach the Next Level in your Life. Enquire by booking a call below.

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Answer to this depends a  lot on what you want. If you’re in a relationship and want to show up more powerfully, with greater clarity and confidence, choose the Better Partner Project. If you want to start slow grab a free offering. If you want real depth and support – choose to enquire about Everyday Legends Academy coaching.

I do not do one on one coaching except for rare occasions where a guy is incredibly keen to invest in ad hoc. This is very rare, as I do not prioritise my time to this. However, it is an option to explore – you’ll need to ask me. If you simply want to chat, maybe pick my brain -this is a no. You can have a call if we are going to explore a more significant solution to you. Any strategy call is to find out about you and IF I (Mike) think I can support you in greater depth with one of my offerings. Free calls and one-off calls do not work and only serve as a disservice to you. If you want free advice, join one of my free services.

I have essentially answered this above. In short – no. My philosophy is that men go much much further together – that’s why all my coaching and offerings generally involve group elements. Some more intimate than others. Some men sit there and say “No no, I’m different, I just need/do better from more focused one on one support” – pay close attention here: I call absolute BS on that. While it feels nice to say that, mostly it’s just fear talking. Fear of being seen and potentially judged by other guys. Which means you’ll never make the progress you actually want to. Go ahead and find one on one coaching elsewhere if you’re so convinced, but I know how much more guys get out of group work if they can locate their balls for a brief moment and join one. Not only are the results profoundly more significant, but the support, comradery and accountability are priceless – easily the best part of my coaching program. If you want one on one but really want to work with me – then ask what we can do – but do so knowing I will likely challenge you on it 🙂

Yes and no. I offer 30-day money-back guarantees on my shorter courses. But my philosophy is that these all work, incredibly well – if you work them. Show me you’ve given 100% and it’s not working for you and I’ll gladly give you your money back. If not, then I suggest connecting to why you wanted to make any investment to begin with, put in the effort and try me again in 30 days time. This shit doesn’t just happen, you have to want it and work for it – the plus side is that you get to be supported, if you can bring yourself to be supported.

This is an evergreen course, meaning you can enrol and start at any time you choose. You will start the actual module work TWO days after you enrol to give you time to get organised. Otherwise – go for it.

GYST – Get Your Shit Together 101

Mike’s latest community – ‘Legends in the Making’ monthly Membership for men is launching late 2020. Be the first to register your interest here!