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002 Mark Groves: She’s not responsible for your feelings

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Codependency & Owning your Wounds

Welcome to the first guest conversation for the show with a very good friend of mine – Mark Groves, Mr @createthelove.


I was thrilled to have Mark on the show to bring the piece that first connected us to this very topic of the Everyday Legend – a piece he wrote about the ‘Evolved Man’, challenging women that say they want this man if they’re actually ready for him.


In the show, we explore mark’s story a what he does. We then start talking about relationship dynamics, how our wounding – our shit – plays out and with that we explore codependency.


This is a topic Mark has such a great depth of knowledge in, as well as some practised personal experience (me too).


Mark is someone whose content and wisdom I trust wholeheartedly, I have learnt so much from him over the years in the field of relationships and being human, including integrity – something central to this show.


A Human Connection Specialist and a great human being, Mark brings some brilliant insight and always a light and engaging delivery.


Mike’s main lessons/takeaways:

Mark always has so much insight into relationships and what I really liked about this conversation was where he dives into how our wounding – the shit we went through that created most of our beliefs about ourselves and our behaviours in relationships – ends up becoming an intense driver for sexual attraction often getting us deep into a place we don’t want to be in.


It’s a counter-intuitive piece that mark brings so much sense to.


This often is the base for codependency, which Mark breaks down nicely in this episode.


“Say for example you’re with someone that is hot and cold. The person hits you up at 1 am – a good sign you’re a booty call. You hook up, and the arousal and sexual connection treat the pain of abandonment and rejection. So we end up in these cycles, and of course, that’s the best sex right? Of course, you do, you have a couple of wounds banging up against each other.”


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