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I make personal development easy to understand & implement so everyday men can build legendary lives.

I am… Mike, and I’m a bit weird.

I like to ponder the simplest and most complex of things. I’ll question the moon in wonder at the universe, I’ll wake up and think “How weird is sleeping?!” and approach my own life, work, and human behaviour with the same curiosity. I will ask the question on my mind.

By nature, I’m very safe, considered, and consistent, which can see me be set in stone on something in one moment, yet ready to embrace change in the next. I’m strong-minded and strong willed; I have many things upon which I will go into battle for, yet flexible too, willing to change, be wrong, or see a different perspective. Yet I’ve never been in an actual fight. Communication is my way.

I’m a naturally curious and observant person and will often withdraw into myself to figure things out. I’m logical and rational, while also not being married to any particular dogma, and happy to dig into processing my emotions and communicate what I’m feeling.

I consider Calm to be a superpower of mine. I also have a very fat tongue. Like super wide.

I hold integrity and curiosity to be high values. I’m loyal, loving, considerate and passionate when the subject, or person hits me. I’m driven by human connection, adventure, wonder and joy. I value my health, my body, my mind, and my freedom – of mind and experience. 

I’m naturally shy around new people and situations and may take some warming to, but once you’re in, you’re in. I know some of this hesitation can be my own shit simply getting in the way. However, I also endeavour to grow and challenge myself, so constantly push my natural limits on this. 

I resonate deeply with a river; strong, calm, powerful, hidden depths, consistent, relentless, but can also be shallow and playful.

I’m weird and different and take pride in being so. I don’t really like to conform and have always had a penchant for making my own path in life.  I believe everyone should embrace their own full self-expression, that’s what makes us fascinating.

I have a passion for fighting mediocrity and supporting men in getting past their shit and stepping into who they can become, accessing potential and stepping into themselves fully. That shit rocks.

I love to cook, eat and talk to my food. I love my wife Nardia, my daughter Kaia, my family, stone fruit, cold beer, good wine, coffee, tequila, scotch, caramel anything, and I like to think of myself as a low-level Batman. I like to spend time with the people that matter most to me. I like to laugh and play. I like myself.

I’m Mike, and I’m a bit weird. Who are you?


I’m also a men’s coach, author, founder of EVERYDAY LEGENDS ACADEMY coaching program for men. I’m the creator of the interview show and eventsBeyond The Beers. I support everyday men from across the globe in building legendary relationships; with themselves, their partners, and their world.

I derive immense purpose in bringing about a new way for men to communicate effectively and confidently navigating their lives.

After living a safe and comfortable life of fitting in through my teens and twenties, I realised a spark in me, and it was a desire to continually grow and be my best. This spark became a fire and developed into a desire to support men in realising their potential and empowering those around them.

You’ll find my advice to be uncomplicated and immediately actionable. I believe strongly in making things easy to follow and implement and cutting out the confusing noise and misinformation, making Modern Masculinity accessible to everyday men: supporting you in getting your shit as together as it can be.

If you want to learn a bit more about me and my story, check out this post here.

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“To sum up my experience of working with Mike in the School of Personal Mastery coaching program would be a fundamental awakening of a dangerous Mother Fucker! Haha” – Darryl, 46 

“10/10 I’d recommend SPM. Beforehand I was umming and ahhing; ‘Should I do this?’ Now I just want to bottle this feeling I have and sell it! Mike’s awakened a monster.
I also find that I’m being kinder to myself. I feel that I am the founder, president and CEO of ‘Phil’s Precious Fucks.
I can tell this is actually a defining moment in my life. I feel a lot more me for the first time, and a lot more in touch with what’s important to the younger me. I’m really excited about what’s next; it’s a pretty awesome return on my investment.” – Phil, 41

“If you’re even considering working with Mike, I’d just say stop wasting energy thinking about it and just take the plunge.
I spent 5 months working through me and it’s the best investment in anything I’ve ever done, physically, mentally or educationally. Mike has a unique ability to articulate back to you what you need to hear in order to move forward. He also calls you on your bullshit. I think the way Mike drove home to really plan and constantly put ‘Project Me’ first, compounded the importance of this.” – Richie, 35

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“Mike, being the Man he is quickly had our audience of 500 entrepreneurs eating out of the palm of his hand. Eloquent, engaging and totally comfortable entertaining a big crowd, I’d have him back anytime.”

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“Mike was very professional and relaxed – a natural, made for TV!”

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