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090 What is Men’s Work with Connor Beaton

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In this weeks episode, Mike has a thought-provoking conversation with Connor Beaton, the  founder of ManTalks and author of the transformative book, “Men’s Work.”

As a coach, facilitator, teacher, podcast host, and speaker, Connor shares his profound insights about his mission to help men across the globe find purpose, cultivate healthy love, embrace a joy-filled life, and foster fulfilling connections, including those of a deeply personal nature.

Mike delves into an exclusive book excerpt that unearths the societal pressure on men to suppress their emotions and seek solace in substances. Join them on a journey through psychological exercises, where Connor’s book serves as a guide, helping men confront their inner struggles head-on.

In this candid discussion, gain a glimpse into the creative process behind writing the book, Connor’s unwavering determination in the face of rejection, and his profound vision of how “Men’s Work” can be a beacon of transformation for men and those dedicated to their growth.

This episode is a powerful resource for any man seeking personal growth, emotional depth, and a deeper understanding of themselves. Tune in to unlock the wisdom and inspiration offered by Connor Beaton’s transformative work.

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