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041 – How to find purpose

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Why men need purpose in their lives & how to find it

There is one thing that comes up more than most when it comes to working with men; PURPOSE.


Sure, many guys want to ‘get confidence’ and some want to simply get out of the frustrating place they are now, stop the sabotage and spending a vast majority of their time caught in their head.


But even for those guys, at some point, the work turns to ‘finding purpose’, Which, when you talk to them – as I do all the time – the idea we have gleaned from the world of personal development, self-help, and ‘success’ is that a man must find his ‘One True Purpose’ as if there is something waiting for all of us, something we were born to ‘uncover’ which will then make ou lives not only complete but make our lives.


We learn to hang the entire of our happiness (outside of that which we have possibly lumped on our romantic partners) onto this idea that ‘once I find my purpose I’ll be happy and everything in my life will make sense and be ultra meaningful’.


If you can’t tell yet from my approach here, I think this is a load of bollocks that tends to send most men into a frenzy of ludicrously high expectations they can’t meet – can never find this elusive ‘one purpose’ – and so go into the mode of self-beat-up, a consistent mode of ‘shoulds’ (‘I should be living my purpose’) and ultimately being kind of frozen in inaction until this one big purpose hits us over the head somehow.


Lies and misnomers.
This is something we deal with a lot in my coaching and so I have decided to do a solo episode on it as well as release a punchy yet powerful teaching mini-course on actually finding purpose.


In this episode

I bring you a take on the above as we explore why this happens and how it messes with our lives.

I’ll take you through a couple of simple examples of purpose as we explore the vital difference between ‘finding your purpose’ and ‘living with purpose. This will include one seemingly insignificant aspect of all of our everyday lives in which you’ll soon be able to not only see the purpose in it, but use the explanation to apply to many things in your everyday life.


this little trick will help you on the road to doing away with the ideas of discipline and motivation – things of the past when you truly understand purpose.


One of the reasons I decided to put this episode together was because we have decided to package up and release a live teaching from inside my coaching program the EVERYDAY LEGENDS ACADEMY (ELA) in which I take the guys through this critical difference and get them to go through an example that completely squashes this idea of finding your one true purpose and instead instantly gets you on the path to living with purpose.


One of the … purposes of this mini-course and the incredibly affordable investment of just $47 (AUD) is so you have the appropriate buy-in to take on board the lessons in it and then actually apply it with purpose into your life. Without that buy-in, purchasing a mini-course like this is just masturbation.


This teaching also has another purpose of being an exclusive sneak behind the curtain of what we do in the coaching work with me in ELA.

You can get access to the course here – it is one 45 minute teaching with some supporting emails and content.


I trust you will get something from it – as might a man in your world, please pass it on to anyone you think will benefit from it. 

As always, if you have questions about it – ask me. Hit me on social media @mikecampbellmc on Instagram or @Mike Campbell Man Coach on Facebook.

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