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039 – How to be a Great Partner with Mark Groves

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Navigating your shit in relationships to become your best

Welcome back to the show a good friend of mine and the first guest to appear twice – Mark Groves.


For those who don’t know Mark, he is a human connection specialist who delivers content, courses, and no BS advice on relationships.


Right now I’m talking a lot about relationships and being a – *cough* great partner – so the first person on my list to have a conversation about this stuff for you guys is Mark.


So, I gave him a shout, and here we are – a conversation that wanders through many aspects of being a great partner.


In this Episode:

Mark and I explore some of the things that prevent us from being great partners.


We then venture into some of his own story – and what happened to him after a full-on breakup. Well, what he chose to do – put his heart behind the walls of a seemingly safe cage – until he got stumped and called to total honesty by the question “When was the last time you fully let someone love you?”


I mean, that one will cut through – once you get beyond the easy to answer initially “Always” and look at what really lies beneath.


We both share stories of broken engagements and hints at abandoning our own values and integrity under the misguided thinking of “winning them over and maintaining harmony in the relationship”.


We then venture into attachment, and why someone might not reciprocate when we say what we want. From here to look at secure attachment, and fundamentally one of the main aspects of being a great partner – being secure in yourself.


As always, I loved this chat with Mark I think there are wonderful gems in here for you, as there always is for me in our conversations.


I trust you will get something from it – as might a man in your world, please pass it on to anyone you think will benefit from it. 


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