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012 Why men struggle with mental health

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How to Build Mental Strength

It’s November now – and for certain men, certain groups and organisations that means one thing (among many) – MOvember.


This really brings to the conversation the idea of men growing moustaches in support of men’s health; more specifically testicular cancer, prostate cancer and suicide in men.


Of course, Movember isn’t the only charity or organisation dealing with men’s mental health, in fact, I am a board member of one called The MENtour. Our mission is very much about raising men’s emotional literacy.


And that’s ultimately what I wanted to (and did) cover in this episode: What is men’s mental health and why do we struggle with it so much?


Here’s the big glaring statistic on this issue: roughly 75% of all suicides are men. In Australia is essentially 6 a day out of 8 across the nation. And these stats generally carry over in the majority of the western world.


We can look at solutions to dealing with the risk, we have countless awareness campaigns – growing moustaches being a very obvious and highly effective one – and we have more and more, what I call, crisis point options and organisations dealing with men at the brink.


But this like so many aspects of being a man, is reactive – it’s waiting until the shit has hit the fan and trying to clean it up, instead of preventing the shit from getting in the vicinity of the fan, to begin with.


That’s what we cover in this podcast – how men can be proactive with their mental and emotional wellbeing – how they can build emotional literacy.


We explore how this even happens – why a lot of men not only fear exploring their emotions but what happens when something hasn’t been used for so long – it atrophies.


And we then look at what else comes into this picture, such as building genuine resilience and overall mental strength, including the ability to simply talk through shit that needs to be talked through.


This is both a perspective on how we view and approach men’s mental health and emotional wellbeing and some ideas and tangible actions you can implement in your own life today.


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