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010 Doing Hard Shit with Jeremy Goldberg

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The Art of Authenticity & Overcoming Laziness

Dr Jeremy Goldberg is a wonderfully unique and wholly interesting and refreshing human.


This episode represented one of many ways a conversation between us could have gone.


A self-confessed ‘Recovering Scientist” – Jeremy spent years working on not only preventing Climate Change, but how we actually change people’s behaviours in order for that to happen on large scale.


He has an immense love for the planet, and for life. And that is evident even in 5 minutes in his company.


In this episode, we start there, on his history in studying behaviour change, and we wander into how this has then impacted his own life in changing some old behaviours, and the beliefs underlying them, that haven’t served him so well in the past.


We explore his own experience with codependency and how one of his biggest areas of growth has been in relationships and stepping away from trying to fix his partner’s feelings because it was the only mode he knew. That and it helped negate his own discomfort in more awkward feelings. 


With that part alone there is a lot for you to take away from this episode.


We also explore how this then has become one of his core ways of being – doing hard shit. And how even this isn’t about some noble way of being better and winning personal development, but simply because he’s lazy.


Just some of the realness that Jeremy brings to literally anything he does. It’s always refreshing and fun to speak with him, and I hope you’ll get that from this conversation too.


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Mike’s main lessons/takeaways:

Jeremy’s zest for life is infectious. I literally think of his every time I see wildlife (follow him on social media to make more sense of that). He brings his unique, light, engaging, and down to earth style to everything he does, including this episode. Beyond the actual content we cover, I think the takeaway for me is in how Jeremy chooses to relentlessly, and lazily, live his own life.


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