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009 What is Integrity?

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How to live with Integrity

In this episode, I venture into and explore something very close to my heart – and head and balls – and that is: INTEGRITY.


It is my highest values, because, for me, everything else is determined by this. If I don’t have that, then all my other values don’t really get a chance.


Join me as I share some personal stories – including the first one in which as a younger man I fell into a common trap; lying to someone a liked and pulling myself right out of integrity in doing so.


I take you through what integrity actually is, how to assess it, and how to understand it on a deeper level so that if we fall out of it we can navigate our way back in.


I visit a story about a time my now father-in-law hit me with a daunting question in front of his (Nardia’s) family, well before I was even close to being a permanent fixture; “What are your intentions with our Nardia?”



Tune in to see how I handled this. Quite fucking excellently, I might add.


I call on this story often in teaching about integrity because regardless of the answer I shared, what the key point sticks to is – can I be honest here regardless of what that honesty entails?


I venture into some of the nature of men and the masculine in how we have this need to test each other, and essentially what we’re doing is testing the strength, the dependability of those men we go into battle (hunt) with.


If you’re a man struggling to understand yourself, wanting to work out what that niggling little feeling inside of you is, or simply wanting to access what’s possible for you, it starts and stops with INTEGRITY – this episode is for you.


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Other content mentioned:

  • Integrity Check-In questions:
      1. What was the promise or commitment you made to yourself?
      2. What did you choose to do? (Have you been choosing/did you choose to do instead?)
      3. What are the consequences?
      4. What’s the driver?
      5. Is this a pattern?
      6. What do you need to do to return to/remain in integrity?


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