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008 Busyness versus productivity with Isaac John

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Using your passion to grow a business

This conversation with Isaac is one where I want to showcase the Everyday Legend – someone living with authenticity and relentlessly going about living life his way.


We cover the life from professional football to what happens next – how that impacts identity and the often unchosen task of role model. This then brings us to look at the position he now sees himself in, one he’s chosen, and that is of a role model, someone who has an impact on many young men wanting to build a business with something they’re passionate about.


We explore growing up in small-town New Zealand and what Isaac believes that instilled in him, and how he is now building business, all things that bring him joy – despite the hard work involved.


When it comes to this work, and the idea of becoming an Everyday Legend – there is A LOT we can look at and have to work on, but the best work is always done when we simplify life and the steps to self-acceptance, purpose, and fulfilment. I believe Isaac is one of those dues who lives by some simple philosophies that serve him greatly. And by indirect default, serve many of the young men that look up to him.


Leadership takes on many forms. Sometimes it looks like a young former footballer turned passionate entrepreneur with the insight into both getting the most out of himself, and how that impacts those who watch and follow him.


I think there are some great lessons in this for the men listening, especially to those guys who feel like they might have had a big shift in their role or identity, and for those guys who can struggle with productivity versus simply being busy – and want to work out how to manage this so their energy is going into things that they are both passionate about and bring them reward in various forms.


Mike’s main lessons/takeaways:

Isaac is someone I see as relentlessly and courageously carving his own path. He’s open, authentic and most definitely running his own race. He’s unapologetic about his influences, but very much gives things his own flavour, and the way he runs his business to the way he leads his life, show me someone happy in himself, someone grounded in purpose.


I feel Isaac’s take on life and business can help other men looking to live with more authenticity.


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