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006 Healing Men with Powerful Authenticity & Self-Awareness with JuVan Langford

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Using Your Origin Story for Personal Growth

This conversation with JuVan, like any and many I’ve had with him, was full of powerful nuggets and refreshing moments of clarity.


He’s a brother to me, he’s a very, very close friend and I feel very fortunate to have him on the podcast here today. 


We talk about all sorts of things. We go into his journey from a rough and challenging upbringing to where that took him. Which led him to wear masks, hide who he was and try to fit in. And ultimately he was kind of abandoning himself. And so, he found himself not really having an identity. From here he really started to explore that, to challenge the beliefs that he had formed about himself and the world around him. This led him into a huge period of inquiry and curiosity as to who he is. That he’s of course is still in, as we all are.


As to why he’s here, and in that, seeing the immense talent that he has and being determined to bring them to the world, support those who he can support. And so we talk about a few of the key things that challenge men, and we explore is identity. We explore intimacy and you know, also a bit of a personal story from there on JuVan and that one.


And we also explore integrity, a favourite topic of ours here on the podcast. 

So all of that, and so much more for you to get into. Can’t wait for you to hear this episode. As always remember, share with us where you’re listening to this, do a screengrab of your favourite part of the episode. Share it on social media. Tag JuVan and I, and let us know that you’re listening to it.


For info on JuVan:


BIO – 

Affectionately known in leadership circles as The Global Voice of Men’s Empowerment, JuVan Langford is a highly sought after expert within the Men’s Mental Health & Wellness space.


Proudly serving as the founder & CEO of The MENtour™, a multinational charitable organization, he is on a mission to support men in their journey of healing their past so as to create a purpose-driven future.


A trusted advisor and executive business coach & mentor to corporate leaders, cultural icons and celebrity clientele, JuVan provides strategic counsel and support to both individuals and organizations that are navigating challenging transitions.


In just a few short years, JuVan has impacted the lives of tens of thousands of young men and adult males on 4 continents on his platform. Hungry for substantial and sustainable change, JuVan is strategically working towards extinguishing the unhealthy narratives within the culture of masculinity on a global scale.



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