Nice Guy (& Paying The Price)?
Move From Playing Peacekeeper To Being At Peace 
From playing Nice Guy to BEING a Good Man
If you avoid conflict and can't say 'No', so end up taking on way too much - helping others all the time & 
hoping to be appreciated for it in return - if you just want to be liked - then this message is for you..
On this Free Webinar You Will learn:
  • How Nice is TOO Nice - How to get your time & energy back
  • How to Face Conflict - And where to make change
  • How to Say 'NO'- Setting & communicating boundaries
  • How to Get What You Want - Without being an A$$hole
It almost doesn't make sense, right? Being nice, helping others, keeping the peace - and you're left unappreciated, frustrated, tired and with no time  for yourself. Something's not working. Trying to be liked is costing you happiness.

Most Nice Guy behaviour is done to be SEEN AS the GOOD NICE GUY; to be liked & appreciated. But it's conditional - "I'll be nice, then you like me" - this is a 'COVERT CONTRACT'.  No one wins. But there is a solution!

If you're tired of never having any time or energy left for yourself, sick of avoiding conflict & having zero boundaries, wish you could come first for once - it's time we worked on a few things - this webinar is for you!
If You Want to:
  • Be able to say 'No' to others and set clear boundaries
  • Navigate conflict confidently and stand up for yourself more
  • Get what you want in life without being an asshole 
  • Move out of the FRIEND-ZONE and into the END-ZONE
  • Move from playing peacekeeper to actually being at peace
This Webinar Is For You
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Hosted by Mike Campbell: Men's Coach, Author, Presenter
Mike Campbell helps everyday men who are questioning where they͛re at in life, to sort their shit out and get what they want, in their career, relationships, and life. Mike spends his time supporting men in improving self-awareness, communicating effectively, and navigating their lives with clarity and confidence. Mike isn͛t concerned with ͚band-aid fixes, and likes to cut to the heart of any matter. When it comes to men and the problems we face, he is passionate about supporting men in diving beneath the surface and into the issues and conversations that matter, constantly falling into the Nice Guy trap and how that impacts on our careers, relationships, and life..
How It Works
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    A replay will not be available at this stage.  
  • Attend at the time you register for and get ready to crack the code on the NICE GUY SYNDROME
  • Bring any questions you have on this subject and any frustrations you have about being a Nice Guy
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