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I’m not entirely sure how he does it, but each time I read one of Mike’s Anti NG emails something clicks. It’s like he’s talking directly to me and shares some seemingly obvious truth that I hadn’t even realized before. The weird thing is, the advice often seems too simple or counterintuitive, but I think that’s why I’ve always struggled to arrive at these solutions myself. If you’re reading this, you’re obviously like me and have been trying to find a solution to a problem (or a bunch of little repeated problems) that you can’t quite tackle. So hit subscribe because I reckon Mike’s simple, accessible wisdom, radical candor and balance of tough feedback wrapped in kindness might be what you need. It’s absolutely helped me beyond words!
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I have been reading Mike's emails for over 6 months now. I find them so powerful and just incredible how they challenge me & offer so many different questions & perspectives for me to explore. It is truly incredible how they have inspired so much growth and learning for me. I love receiving these emails & feel so grateful to have these to read & contemplate every single week.
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This is powerful, powerful work you’re doing - thank you! I think your words in the email today need to be heard (read!) by as many folk as I can get them to. It will resonate with so very many - men & women both.
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These emails really resonate with me and "a life of unlearning". Love the balance & context Mike brings to this - not weak or soft to ask for help or to embrace feminine side and also not bad to be masculine, or toxic to be competitive, fierce, protective or obnoxious to build a safe future for your loved ones.
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Beautiful email Mike! Way better than so many others this time of year with the usual things to stop and do as part of the reflection cycle.

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