Make your shit make sense, Stop Sabotaging yourself, and step into your potential.
Perhaps you thought you’d have your shit together by now.

Or at least your life a lot more sorted – a thought like a constant ringing in your ear.
Seeing yourself make the same frustrating mistakes, knowing there’s more available to you but having fear, indecision, procrastination, doubt, shit from your past – all cockblocking your potential – and the knowledge that it doesn’t need to happen. There are answers to this situation, solutions we never learnt – but now you can.

GYST 101

Get Your Shit Together

This Accelerator Course for men will take you through 21 days of the fundamentals of getting your shit together for good - just 3 weeks to make a DENT in your life.

There are a few certainties about being human.
Death is one. Taxes another.
Everyone. Has. Shit.
Now, I mean this both in the literal sense, of course; have arsehole, will shit.
And in the metaphorical sense.
No one becomes an adult human without having some form of insecurity, fear, hang-ups, frustrating patterns of sabotage, laziness, debilitating preoccupation with being judged, rejected, or not loved, misdirected beliefs about themselves and their worthiness, money and success, love and relationships – or deep in the psyche of many men, being man enough.
Yeah – shit comes in all forms, stories, shapes and sizes.
But like the literal shit we have – which has to come out and be cleaned up – our metaphorical shit cannot be stuffed away never to see the light of day just because we label it gross.
We’d like that – we’d like to keep it private and flush it down a dark, dank shithole so we can’t be ridiculed or judged or stuck because of it.

Holding shit in..

Holding shit in – literal or metaphorical – only makes a bigger mess eventually.

The challenge, of course, lands squarely here: as men, we never learnt how to deal with our shit or recognise the damage and frustration it may be causing in our lives. let alone how to actually own, navigate, or overcome it.

As men, we’re expected to just excel at life and become successful; lots of money, great job, house, partner and relationship, muscles ideally – but athletic definitely, big cock if possible, and the ability to handle all of life’s demands, dramas, and douchebags with ease – no sweat. Walk in the park, mate!

Confidence oozes out of you. Excellence, you piss out.

Bond. James Fucking Bond, you must be.

If this is what you feel your life should look like for you to just feel an inch of ”I have my shit together” – Can you say ‘GIANT MOUNTAIN OF EXPECTATION’?

In that expectation is (some of) your shit.

Or maybe that’s not your shit.

Maybe yours lies in the fear of failure, of never getting started, of wasting life, of never being loved, of being rejected (again), of being just like your father, of only being average, of screwing up your relationship, of committing to the wrong thing, of not being smart enough – of not being enough.

Whatever your shit is, the fact that you’re reading this indicates you know on some level that it’s lurking in the background (or maybe plastered on your forehead) and that you need to own it and address it.

And until we do, it will keep shitting on your life.

Your shit will prevent you from accessing your potential and what’s possible for you. It will also cloud the idea of what ‘getting your shit together’ even looks like – so you’ll doubly never get it sorted.

Ain’t that some shit!

Your shit – unattended – will continue to be a stinky dark stain on the potential that is your life.

That is until we get to know it, until we change the relationship to it, build the skills to overcome it, and in doing so – get it (somewhat) together.

Because, let’s be brutally honest here before we go any further; no one has their shit entirely sorted.

Every human, despite what their Instagram feed might portray, has shit. Life changes. Along that journey, we gather shit that must be addressed.

Getting your shit together isn’t about creating a perfect problem-free life. It’s about building the problem-solving skills to navigate your shit with ease.

What we can do with determined, clear, purposeful discernment, is build and live a life, not void of shit, but with our shit well and truly under our thumb, not the other way around.

That’s what this course will do for you – giving you the tools to understand, own, and overcome your shit now and in the future.

In just 21 days you will build the (some of) foundations of an expert shit-handler.

You’re ready to Get YOUR Shit Together if...

Find yourself nodding to one or more of these points?

SO DID I – that is, until I learned how to spot, understand, and move past my shit.

It can seem daunting and confusing, but it is easy when you know how.

Let’s show you how!

It’s time to be a little selfish, brother; an important investment into yourself so you can clear the shit in the way of your potential AND finally be able to enjoy life how you want and show up more powerfully for those you care about.

Oh and feel so much more free, clear, and fucking confident. Like, shit comes and you just handle it!

By doing this course here’s what’s going to happen:

You feel so more more sorted, together, confident. You are no longer ruled by your fears and insecurities - you can see what purpose they once served - but have now moved to purpose driven living. Life now has an ease to it.

You have clarity on what you want & how to get it. You stop getting caught in the high expectation-disappointment-beat self up cycle and actually move towards things based on your values and what serves you.

You feel so much more confident in your decisions. Your shit isn’t ‘sorted’ but you feel a sense of calm that you know what you’re doing and why; like your shit is all starting to stack up together.

You take action on things you want No longer giving endless worry to the worst-case scenario or what people might be thinking of you, you can now step towards the things that are for you.

You feel lighter, freer, no longer prisoner to your shit No longer crippled by your shit, you now have a lightness, like a weight off your shoulders. You're in charge now.

See and feel your potential; access the next level When we’re caught behind some old shit we can intellectually know there is more available, but don't know how to get it - this will remove the blocks and give you the tools to step into what the next level has available for you.

Who is Mike

Hey, I’m Mike (Campbell).
And together we will make your shit make sense so you can get what you want in your relationships and life, without the frustrating mistakes, without the fear and doubt. And without the frustrating shit constantly getting in the way.
I’ve noticed many common mistakes men make when it comes to living a solid, secure, and satisfying life – shit, I used to make most of them myself – the result of these leave us feeling like we don’t have (and need to get) our shit together.
There are some key things we just don’t learn growing up. (And I’ve studied and lived this stuff every day for years).
We learn a simple model of success; good job, financial security-good house, attractive partner, solid married, and then enjoy life somewhere in there.
That ideal had me operating a set of expectations that created more shit than it solved. As it was for the thousands of men I’ve worked with to get their shit together.

Get Your Shit Together

Only 100 spots available at any one time!

Sick of hearing “You need to get your shit together”? Is it finally time to take charge of your shit?
What is your shit:

Explore and uncover what your shit is, beyond what you may think it is.
Outcome – Gain clarity on what’s holding you back.


Learn how to not only spot your shit when it plays up, but own it. Properly.
Outcome – Radical responsibility of  your shit – gain huge sense of freedom

What does your shit ‘together’ look like:
Paint a picture of what the other side of your shit is, build the vision. Outcome – be able to pin point and claim what you really want.
The secret sauce – the one thing no one is doing

Get THE missing piece that changes everything & anchors this work.
Outcome – Learn the ONE thing that will change the game in forever getting your shit together.

Getting your shit together:

Action – get the exercises and tools to implement now and in future.
Outcome – Get the tools and actions to move past your shit now and in future

Bonus Questions
Most of Getting your shit together is self enquiry – these questions will support that massively

Lives changed.

Working with Mike was a life-changing experience. He challenged me to show up in ways I didn’t think I could and helped me to grow immensely but he was in my corner every step of the way. 

Mike has a unique way of delivering a message through story and loving straight talk. If you are serious about getting your shit together and are willing to do the work, then work with Mike.”
– Jack hedges, 26

“10/10 – Mike is the perfect balance of compassion, kindness and understanding, backed with a no-bullshit, honest and sometimes blunt kick up the butt we all need in order to navigate our way out of our own heads and arses at times.”

– Peter Newsome, 43
“10/10 – I had a friend ask me what would happen if I paid all of this money and nothing happened differently for me and I can say without a doubt that is not the case. Best money I ever spent.”
– Tim Tennant, 35

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What's included:



Taking this course and gaining ALL the benefits couldn’t be any SAFER with our 10 day 100% money-back guarantee – that’s half the length fo the course.
The amount of education, support, advice and help you’ll get in this course is well beyond the price tag. However, if you feel like you don’t get 10 X the value from the training material (and YOU DID THE WORK) then email support and we will fully refund you.
The investment in GYST is small compared to how quickly you will see a return on that by applying our strategies; that’s ROI emotionally, mentally and financially – no more expensive consequences for your shit in your life!
Here’s the best part: if you think there is a chance that GYST is for you then enrol today – Because you can try, give it a go and review the materials yourself.
If something in your life prevents that from happening, then, of course, just hit us with an email explaining it and we’ll get a refund sorted. Bottom line: We want you to succeed, so our first priority is to help you do this work!

Are you ready to finally put an end to the frustration, to all the talk about getting your shit sorted, & actually do it? Now is the time.



Most frequent questions and answers

As mentioned above – we have a ‘no questions asked’ 10 day 100% money back guarantee. Simply get in touch with our support team and we’ll refund your investment. While we have a no questions asked policy to refund anyone who can’t make it work – as a coach for men in the area of getting one’s shit together, I do have an invitation; this works if you work it, my before you go and ask for a refund, I invite you to really apply yourself to the content for 9 days and if you’re not noticing or feeling any progress, then fire us an email and we’ll refund as soon as we can logistically get it fired back to you.

Upon sign up, you will be sent a confirmation email. This will contain information on timing and how to access the content. Please check your spam + promotions folders.
Each email you’ll receive will hold a link – that link will have your video lectures and any content for you to read, consume, or download.
In the Intro to the course is an FAQ section that answers all questions about the course, what’s included, the pace to complete, and any additional information you may need to know.
The courses has Video + audio lessons, reflection and journaling exercises, PDF worksheets
Coaching support from Head Coach Mike Campbell. The course also has access to yet to be scheduled future live calls. These run periodically for anyone currently in the course or anyone having previously been through the course (i.e. you get to capitalise on these calls ongoing beyond the 3 weeks of you goign through the course). Calls are a BONUS – and scheduled when Mike is able to prioritise them, but does make concerted effort to hold them semi-regularly.

This is entirely a Do-It-At-Home course. You work alone in private at your own pace (keeping in mind we have set out 21 days for the work). However, as stated above, from time to time we host Live Q&A calls (you can join completely anonymous if you like) for you to sit in on and have the opportunity to have all your questions addressed by Mike. You’ll simply be listening and typing questions in a chat box.

Of course you can. Ultimately this is yours to consume and implement when you are ready and able. Completing it in order with the 21 days means there might be a greater chance of interacting on Social Media with Mike to have questions answered (cannot be guaranteed). However, you can purchase this now and do it when you’re ready. Except note that you won’t be able to start earlier than two days from enrolment, as we want to give you a couple of days to get ready to dive in for these 21 days.

Yes, as above – you can do this when you’re good and ready and time permits. If that means you spread this work over six weeks instead of three but it ensures you nail it, then go for it. The most important thing is you invest in the content and get it done!

We guarantee you’ll have access for 12+ months from your date of purchase. Most of the content has some element that can be downloaded too, so you can keep it offline if you wish.

Good question, brother! I remember when some of this stuff was like a foreign language to me. However, that’s now part of my skill-set; simplifying this stuff so it’s easy for everyday men to understand and implement in their lives. The main thing for you to remember is this: If you are serious about getting your shit together, about moving past frustrating patterns of sabotage and procrastination, and about accessing your potential, then you can definitely do this.

Nope, not at all. Sending Mike a DM or tagging him in an Instagram story (for example – a great way to interact and access support) can happen from anywhere, any time. Just do the work when it works for your schedule. If you pay attention to our email announcements coming in, you’ll see timings for our Live Q&A Calls for you to register for and attend.

It really depends on how productive you are with your time, but my guideline is THREE Hours a week. Can you invest three hours a week into your future (and present) happiness? *You may need more.

Mike periodically hosts BONUS live calls for this course. We email about these when upcoming and they run on a must-register to attend and access the recording basis.
If you can’t make it live, you’ll have access to the recording within 24 hours of the call.
AND, if we have any future live calls that fall within your 12-month course access (yay!), you’re of course invited to those, too! We’ll email you a reminder or two so you never miss a thing!
The live calls are Zoom webinar-style, where you can see & hear Mike but he cannot see or hear you. You can ask Mike questions and interact with him and the other students in the Zoom Chat (anonymously if you like).

Yes there is – click below to take advantage of our payment plan of THREE payments of just $90 – weekly across three weeks.
You can check-in and tag Mike on Social Media – however, the best way to have questions explored in depth is the Bonus Live Q&A videos.
Shit yes, you can! Click below to enrol now and schedule TWO DAYS from now in your calendar for Day One. Once you purchase your spot you’ll receive an email and video to explain what happens next and until the start of Day One in a couple of days time (enough time to get organsied for the following 21 days).
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