Finally become the partner

you wanna be

(and she deserves)
Accelerate your growth into an unstoppable, secure & enviable duo who feel connected, excited & wildly attracted to each other
Even if nothing’s overly wrong right now (but it could be better – and you know it) and you don’t wanna pretend to be some safe, curated, safe, hopefully-won’t-be-rejected version of yourself

Here’s why anything short of a fun, fiery & connected relationship is costing you both your HAPPY future together

(and no, this isn’t some sleazy pickup artistry bullshit or spiritual ~journey~ to self enlightenment)

I’ll give it to you straight, mate. We’re men (not mind readers).

Yet, between wiping the sleep from your eyes to pouring your morning coffee, you’re already thinking of her (you maybe even have her cuppa ready). Because you really fucken care about her.

That’s why you hate frustrating fights that go around in circles. You get tongue-tied, avoid conflict, overthink. She says one thing, does another – why? You react, shut off, or appease.

Conversations now tend to be at surface level. You’re hiding parts of yourself. You don’t feel appreciated (does she? Who knows). And you’re not challenging each other any more… apart from on the right way to stack the dishwasher, amiright?

You’re both kinda on edge, treating each other like the enemy (or simply like housemates). Not to mention the plummeting sex life. You find yourself fighting against her, not for her. And you get the feeling she’s resenting doing all the emotional work (disconnection has its consequences).

Plus, saying what you really think too often leaves you in the dog house. So, the thought of opening up comes with the same side effects as eating too much bad Mexican food (need me to spell that one out: literally shitting your pants).

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You don’t wanna let her down.

But also, how the fuck
do you become a better partner without just becoming a yes-man nice-guy (or somehow not having to work so much)!?

If you know...

If you know…

That you love your partner, but your relationship isn’t as fun, rewarding AND easy as it should be


Your current approach to conflict, intimacy and ‘getting’ each other isn’t working as well as it could

Then keep reading…

Because what comes next could easily be the most relationship-enhancing moment you look back on 4 weeks (and 4 years) from now, when you both:

…‘get’ each other

…are in a secure relationship with a clear future

…and have better intimacy, less conflict and a closer connection.

That feels exciting AF.

Sound familiar?

You started your relationship blown the fuck away by her. This time, you didn’t play games. She was different. It was easier.

You fell in love with her mind. The way you could be yourself around her. Seeing her in public, thinking, ‘that’s my girl, right there.’ She thought the same about you, man.

Adventure after adventure. You’d get outta your town for a bit, smell fresh air. Happy in each other’s company. Smash a Netflix series together and polish off that second bottle of wine. Get in the surf together or find silly reasons (like the way she says stuff) to fall further in love.

The sex was amazing, and you felt connected AF, yet curious about her. Talking for hours on end, doing heaps of cool shit together. Yet, this time – it wasn’t all about the sex. She made you feel alive.

For a while there – you felt loved, understood, appreciated, important, deeply connected…

But things haven’t stayed that way, have they?

Spending every moment together to now scrolling on the toilet longer

Connecting easily to now staying silent or appeasing

Challenging conversations are now surface-level errand chats about life admin

Late night chats have snowballed into stupid fights outta nowhere…

Or the silent treatment (…which can be way fucken worse, right?)

Your life on pause

Your adventures feel like more work, you clash constantly and it feels like mundane daily shit is all you do now

Codependence feels like your second language, yet you’ve both stopped making as much effort as you used to

Your mates seem to have all their shit together. Should you two be more like them? It isn’t exactly comfortable asking them – plus, awkward because they know you both (plus, what does it say about you if you don’t have it sorted?)

And every time a Facebook memory pops up of you two, your stomach clenches, then sinks. Because it shows how happy you once were. But, even though you’re okay… you’re not that couple any more.

You don’t want to have secrets, but you’re terrified of letting what was a good thing go – something you might never find again

Even though you want to get
back to who you two were
you have no fucken idea how things
(slowly) got to this point…
…things are okay, but could be WAY better

Because at the moment, you find yourself:

  • Trying to fix her stuff (yet getting in trouble for it)
  • Being mothered or ignored by her (not desired by her)
  • Letting her down (which makes you feel like shit)
  • Not giving her what she wants
  • Stuck in this cycle of the same old frustrations
  • Treating each other like ‘the enemy’ (fighting to be right)
  • Feeling unheard and shutting down – what’s the point?
  • Basically begging for sex and she’s not interested (or avoiding asking, because that rejection stings like a MF)
  • Bored, lonely, disconnected, complacent, harsh…

Excuse the Black Eyed Peas reference, but where’s the love, y’all?

I’m gonna come right out and say it, dude:

As a loyal man who’s built a relationship with an epic chick, you SHOULD be able to have an enviable connection, amazing sex and a secure relationship that feels equal, easy, epic and exciting.

Lives changed.

“The major benefit I’ve received is coming face-to-face with the communication mistakes I’ve been making for years. For example, thinking and reacting logically, when she just needs someone to listen, not to fix.”

“What I got most out of it was taking ownership of my shit for once, not blaming other people and realising the part I’ve played in failed relationships. Other guys need to invest in this because it will definitely help them improve and provide tools they can use now and in the future.”


“This has allowed me to start on a journey of breaking the cycle that seems to continue in every relationship.”

“Men need this class if they want to take their relationship to the next level. We get stuck in cycles as well as bogged down with the daily standard routine. This needs to change so we can unlock the true potential of our relationships and with Mike’s help, you can begin to do the work to better understand yourself as well as invite your partner into the work.”


Hey, man.
Mike here.

I’m a man coach, presenter, podcaster, author and the creator of The Better Partner Project. Plus I give a mean hug.

When I’m not kicking back with my wife, Nardia, daughter, Kaia, playing Nintendo ‘64 Goldeneye or hunting for the coldest beer in NZ or Australia…

I’m supporting men like you to get past your shit, step into who you can become, and fighting for your potential so you can get more from the everyday.

After a decade of studying the psychology of men and women, helping hundreds of men create epic relationships, and surviving a brutal breakup (more on that soon)…

I’m so fucken excited you’re here.

Here’s the good news:

Becoming the partner you want to be (and the one your partner deserves), with a relationship others aspire to have, is actually easy

You’ve made it this far because you already know
that strengthening your relationship is the right move for you two.

With these proven 4 steps, you’ll also be able to:

Strengthen your relationship’s foundation to become fearless teammates, to enhance each other’s lives and love more deeply

Quickly uncover exactly what you want (and need) in a relationship – plus how to ask for it in a way that means you both win (without the risk of rejection)

Confidently open up, without fear of judgement cockblocking you (and without pretending to be someone you’re not)

Unlock the way her mind works to finally connect with ease for improved trust, better sex and conversations that inspire you

Build an easy, fun and secure relationship

Turn conflict into connection and overcome frustrating niggles because you’re both clear on what you want and need (so you work to meet them together, as partners)

Become the strong, dependable man you want to be for your partner and yourself

Just think about how fan-fucken-tastic you’d both not only feel, but operate (now and into the future)

When you:

  • Know what you want & exactly how to ask for it
  • Get what’s on her mind, before she opens her mouth
  • Rekindle your spark into a blaze of passion, trust, connection, sex, security, softness and safety
  • Are respected, seen as dependable and recognised for your contributions to the relationship
  • Wake up next to your partner (who is securely your best friend too), who challenges you to be the best version of you and whom you’re fiercely attracted to…


The Better Partner project is the first 4-step course in relationships for men that combines done-for-you psychology, easy actions and communication tools to help you finally become the partner you’ve always wanted to be (and that she deserves). Without guesswork, confusion or pretending to be someone you’re not.

From just 2 hours a week – immediate access!

3 ways The Better Partner Project
strengthens your relationship

Instead of listening to podcasts, without accountability. Or reading books, without support.
Or BS courses with modules that don’t relate to what you need. The Better Partner Program
is simple yet deep, fast yet comprehensive, actionable and offers real-time answers to all your questions.

Meaning, you’ll leave with the exact knowledge, set of actions and plan you need to finally
become the most confident, clear and decisive partner you can be.

4 core modules
Come together and enhance your relationship with your partner. One that’s easy, connected and fun as fuck.
Weekly challenges

Done with seeking validation through work, body, performance? Insecure about money, relationships, who the fuck you are?

Exclusive Mike access

Fed up with making the same mistakes? Of trying to do it all on your own? Feel like while it’s scary, support is the answer?

Do it for you. And for her.

Be your best – Give your best.

Immediate access

Inside, you’ll find

Understand Her Mind

Build a solid relationship foundation and confidently ‘get’ each other

The main reason you feel disconnected and frustrated is because you’re guessing the problem, which leads to fights about pointless shit and not feeling heard.

After this module you’ll understand her psychology in easy steps, so you can connect, feel like equals who appreciate each other’s processes, make couple decisions with ease and turn conflict into an opportunity to connect. 

Here’s how:

  • Uncover her psychology in easy steps
  • Discover the type of relationship you want
  • Get rock solid on what being an effective partner means
  • Use differences in men & women as your secret weapon

OUTCOME: Understand her & get on the same page

Dig Deep on You

Uncover what you want from a relationship, and how to finally get it

Creating your ideal relationship without knowing exactly what you want (and why) is like
building a house without a plan. Doable, but you’re almost guaranteed to have leaks.

When you’ve finished this module you’ll figure out what you want, understand why things haven’t worked in the past, and learn how to build a strong, loving and connected relationship while keeping your freedom.

You will:

  • Identify why you choose the partners you do
  • Get your reaction and partnership style 
  • Dig into what being a better partner looks like for YOU
  • Make sense of shit you do that frustrates you and her

OUTCOME: Understand you & map out the relationship you want

Communicate without Cockblocking​

Master speaking the same language and finally connect with depth

You hold things in because you’re scared of hurting her, or of being rejected. Then either you bury this shit down and close off or it builds up and explodes like a volcano of frustration. It comes out all wrong and leaves you in the dog house.

Finish this module and finally know how to have open, honest and easy communication that actually brings progress and watch your partner’s eyes light up as you start leading conflict with a level head. Not only will your dick not shrivel up when you open up, but she’ll think the sun shines out of it. True story.

Here’s how:

  • Relate to each other and truly connect 
  • Ace conflict so arguments never go around in circles
  • Understand how to navigate making each other feel heard
  • Explore communication basics so you can speak the same language

OUTCOME: Master communication (without cockblocking yourself)

Activate Your Action Plan​

Design a quick action plan for immediate results

You’ve put off becoming a better partner because it’s impossible to know where to start. Here’s your accountability, support and set of clear steps to actually make it happen this time.

Complete this module to finally leave all those niggles and worries at the door. No longer feel like you’re letting her down – instead, enjoy a safe, secure, fun and easy relationship with better understanding and communication for better trust, dependability, conflict, connection, intimacy and sex as the new version of you – the partner you’ve both wanted you to be.

You’ll do this by:

  • Creating a clear action plan
  • Introducing ease, fun and excitement to your relationship
  • Locking in your personal and relationship values and vision
  • Defining your relationship requirements, deals and agreements

OUTCOME: Clear (easy) actions for remarkable results

Finally become a better partner

What's included:

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1. Next-Level Confidence Code FREE Course -
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14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

My team and I believe so heavily in your results from using this method that we want to make your decision an easy and confident ‘yes’.

Enter: The Rock Solid Guarantee. 

Simply complete and action the first two modules/weeks (1 – Understand Her Mind and 2 – Dig Deep on You) of The Better Partner Project within 14 days.

After completing these modules and having answered your workbook Qs, if you still don’t feel you have the understanding, confidence and powerful action steps needed to become a better partner (without the guesswork, going around in circles or cockblocking yourself when you open up)…

Simply email our support team on with your completed Figuring Your Shit Out workbook, and we’ll hit delete on this whole becoming-a-better-partner thing.

Why not just give your money back without conditions? Because this works WHEN you work it. You’re investing for results and results will come only when you do the work. Show me you can apply yourself and we’ll either see results or for some odd reason you don’t – your money comes straight back!

The way I see it, right now
you have 2 options:

Keep going the way you are now.

Drifting further from your partner, feeling less satisfied, knowing you could both be enjoying more fun, ease and intimacy… but settling for less.


Take action.

Change your life, your relationship and achieve the best state-of-mind that you have ever had in your life. The best time to start is NOW.



Most frequent questions and answers
I get it, mate. Life’s busy (dad and business owner trying to juggle it all over here, too). That’s the best part. Join today, score these bonuses and start whenever you have the time. Each module only takes around 2-3 hours to complete each week.
Totally understandable, man. When the budget’s tight, your top values are more visible than ever before. If you have a few moments – check out your last 5 bank transactions. Any similarities? Of course, you’ve got groceries, rent or mortgage, petrol – the basics. No one’s tellin‘ ya to skip those crucial things. But if you’re like me, the extras stack on fast. Coffees out, all the streaming services, tequila (just me?). For $11 a day over 4 weeks, you could have this course ready to go. It all comes down to how high your relationship lands on your value list right now. And if it’s high? Join me to learn these lifelong lessons (then go back to coffees, streaming and tequilas at sunrise, I mean tequila sunrises).
100% online. While the content takes around 2-3 hours a week to complete, you get immediate access to all content and can complete it as quickly or slowly as it suits you.
Mate, the fact you’re looking to strengthen your relationship and dedicate time to that? She’ll bloody love it. Share away, I say. All content is safe to share with your partner.
100%. Whether you’re preparing for a new relationship or making sense of a previous one, this course is designed to help you understand how you can be your best in relationships and navigate new ones with ease.
There’s a good chance you now have more time available to you (and more time in close quarters with your partner) than ever before. Now could not be a better time to do this work. I implore you to dive into this course during this weird global uncertainty to bring more clarity to yourself and your relationship. But if you need to put it on hold for a short time due to whatever may come – of course, that is fine.
Yes. While I may use heteronormative language, such as referring to your partner as “her” and “she”, more broadly speaking I am referring to your partner. All the work in understanding men and communication (a big chunk of our curriculum) will apply to you, and will help you understand your partner (or potential partner), so you can show up more powerfully and effectively in your relationships. We’ve had a number of gay guys take this course and experience wonderful success in their relationships as a consequence.
You work in private, alone and at your own pace. As a member, from time to time we host live bonus Q&A calls (you can join completely anonymously if you like) for you to sit in on and have the opportunity to have all your questions addressed by Mike. You’ll simply be listening and typing questions in a chat box. You do also have the opportunity to connect with others through our exclusive social channel for students if you like. Because being around other men just like you, as you’re working on this stuff, makes it so much easier and more powerful. It’s like having your best mates supporting you throughout, with zero judgement (but joining the group discussions is not mandatory).

Of course you can. Ultimately, the content is yours to consume and implement when you are ready and able. Be it in a few days, weeks, or months from now. You have unlimited lifetime access.

Nope. This is a self-paced course. Complete over 1 day or 1 year! What’s important is investing in the content to get it done in a time frame that suits you!
Good question, brother! I remember when some of this stuff was like a foreign language to me. But that’s now part of my skill set; simplifying this stuff, so it’s easy to understand and do. The main thing for you to remember is this: if you want to have a better relationship and become a great partner, then you can definitely do this.
You can be located anywhere for this course. Just do the work when it works for your schedule. If you pay attention to our email announcements coming in, you’ll see timings for our bonus Live Q&A Calls (that happen occasionally) for you to register for and attend.
It really depends on how productive you are with your time, but my guideline is TWO hours a week. Can you invest two hours a week into your future (and present) happiness?
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