UnleashYourAlpha_3DToday my book is available to buy! Like, right meow…

Not even just that, but it’s at a discounted price plus if you buy the paperback at 10% off you can actually get the digital version for a measly $2.99!

Aaaand you get a bunch of other reasons to buy. Not just free stuff (which there is) but a whole heap of contributing reasons.

This will only last for the next 48 hours!

Now I know you’re probably already in. You’re chomping at the bit, so to speak… however, before you click here and buy, let me detail the reasons you should buy (and read) my book.

I remember reading one of these about a year ago from someone I admire greatly and have huge respect for. However, I read his reasons first and then did the seemingly thinkable (yeah, I left off the ‘un’ on purpose. Tricky hey… ;-) ) I bought his book…

So, imma do the same for you (Thanks John Romaniello for the idea on this. I’m borrowing, but you can have it back after, ok?)


Reasons why you need to order UNLEASH YOUR ALPHA today &/or tomorrow (see what I did there?)

1.      I start a chapter that talks about ‘the sexy time’ with a quote from Mother Teresa

If this isn’t enough to get you to click and buy just on pure inquisition then I don’t know what is. And I must point out- this was purely by accident – but I think it’s some kind of poetic genius. Although with the nature of it being a mistake means that the genius is not mine. The Universe, perhaps.

Buy here or in bulk here.


2.      It’s awesome and will make you more awesome

Yep, true story. In this book I detail the exact process I sue with clients to help them get in great shape and become legends; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. This could be you. In it you’ll find 18 weeks’ worth of training programs, 3 weeks of sample meal plans (all recipes included in the extras) and tonnes of actionable steps and takeaways. If you have a hole somewhere in your life that needs filling, then this book is for you. Click and buy here or in bulk here.


2933.      You can be a part of beating Gwyneth

This is a legit reason to do anything. Currently in the health and fitness world there are, ummm, shitloads of books! Some more popular than others. A few of them are by Big G (well, little G really) and as much as there might be some tasty recipes, the kind of information that is spewing out of these books is bollocks; veganism and rubbish training advice has to stop! We can beat her, I just need your help! Will you help me beat Gwyneth? Click here to contribute or in bulk here.


4.      You like me

This is more than enough reason to buy. If you’ve only just come across me then quick- ask some other people here on the internet if they’ll vouch for me. Otherwise you know a little about me. You know that integrity and authenticity are two of the things I value most and because of this and the consistent content I put out you trust me. I sincerely hope you do, because that’s what I aim to do, and if I’m not please tell me so I can try and change for the better (I’m into that, you see). Maybe this will prove my point… 

Click and buy here or in bulk here.


5.      You get free stuff!

 Yeah, no jokes, I have a heap of free stuff to give away to you when you purchase TODAY! Simply send me an email of your receipt and I’ll make sure you have the information you need to get your free bonus extras. Right now there is over $150 worth of material (as judged by me, which means it’s probably more really…). Plus you become a stronger member of my community- something I take very seriously and spend the vast majority of my time working to help. My book, my facebook page, website, YouTube etc, it’s all a part of my business but it’s all free for you guys so you can get the best of me. For free. Just buy here or in bulk here then let the free stuff roll. Remember that buying the paperback allows you to purchase the digital as well for just $2.99! Seriously, why wouldn’t you?!


6.      It’s controversial

Because I’m so en-wrapped in it, I sometimes forget that I am putting myself out there and calling out the men of today for being fat, diseased, unhappy and lacking any real identity as a man. This is somewhat controversial really, isn’t it?

Now I know we humans love controversy and drama, that’s why we have the term ‘rubber necking’ and why so much absolute sh*te ‘reality’ TV is on our tubes these days- because it’s a bit of drama, and we love to see it. Today I offer you the chance to join me in controversy. I ask you to stand at my side and tell the men of this world to look in the mirror, admit what needs work and go about doing it! Will you stand with me? If not, you can just rubber neck of course… either way, join in the conversation by buying the book here or in bulk here.


7.      You are a collector of books and fine things

Maybe you even have many leather bound books at your mahogany smelling apartment. Well let me tell you, that with the right spray and enough pliable leather, we can make this true for your very own copy of my book. All you have to do is buy it first (or in bulk hereand it adds to your collection.


8.      It will help you impress people

Did you know that many people with professor before their name and/or PhD after it have spent countless hours researching something called social currency? (Something Jonah Burger talks about at length in his book ‘Contagious’). They have, and it’s one of the biggest reasons we share things on social media and when we’re having actual conversations with other people (remember those..?). When you see something that is cool/funny/interesting/helpful, sharing it with someone else not only feels good, but it give you social currency; those people now have given you kudos because you passed on something of value. Buying my book and sharing it with them will stack your wallet with social green-backs.

Plus if you buy the book in bulk and share it with them that way, not only is there social currency on offer, but you also get a whole crap load of awesome extras. Some even include hanging out with me!


#19.      Help me hit #1 on Amazon

Remember the other day when I spoke about have a big goal well for me hitting number 1 on Amazon for this book is one of my BG starting points. I definitely want it to be much much more than that, but initially this will help justify the last 18 months of work as well and help boost the next 18 months. Writing an awesome book is only the very start of climbing the rankings, what I need is for you to buy and for you to recommend for your friends, family and network to buy! Click and buy here (or buy the book in bulk), write an honest review and send your friends too. 

Remember that authenticity is MASSIVE for me, so honest reviews and recommendations only! I’m confident you’ll like it and you have the recommendations of some awesome and trustworthy people to go on.



If I can hit number 1 in the Men’s health section to start, I’ll be happy, but if I can get to number 1 in Health, fitness & dieting I’ll be stoked! However, if somehow through the power of you guys I can hit number 1 in All books I’ll be stumped, humbled and, umm… yeah, those things. But why not aim high, hey? HOWEVER, I NEED YOUR HELP!

Plus like I said earlier, there are folks like Little G (Gwyneth) taking over book sales, now I’m not sure about you, but to me this stinks! Help me climb past her!


Hmm, maybe I should add a 10th, just for good measure…

10.  The quotes

Slightly random, but I quote varying people from Jerry Seinfeld, to Dr Suess, Nelson Mandela, Bob Marley, Sir Bob Geldof, Ronnie Coleman and Albert Einstein. I mean with that eclectic bunch, how could you not be intrigued enough to buy?


 batman bfPlus I’ll be your best friend.

If you haven’t gathered by now, I’d be incredibly grateful if you bought my book. I think there is a tonne of legit reasons to do so. Now regardless of all of that, I am calling on every favour and good thing I’ve ever done- if you think shunting me up the Amazon list and providing me with some more social proof that what I pour my energy into doing – helping men realise their potential – is a good idea, then please do so TODAY!

And that’s it. I’m sure I’ll think of some more reasons later, but for now I tink that should cut it.

Remember that the book is on special discounted release today and tomorrow only! This means getting both the paperback version and the digital for just $29.95. And to help me make a dent in the rankings you need to jump on this opportunity right away.

Thanks, your new bestest friend in the whole wide world,



I have over $150 worth of bonus extra materials to give to anyone who gets in and purchases the book on release day.

BUT- YOU HAVE TO DO SOMETHING: because Amazon are completely independent of me (shocking, I know…), what you need to do once you purchase is please email me with a copy of your receipt and then I’ll get you the details in order to get your FREE bonuses.

This is important, make sure you do this, otherwise you’ll miss out on free stuff! Plus this bonus stuff is incredibly helpful for making your way through the book.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]