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confident men
adaptable men
purposeful men
legendary men
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Build a legendary life
& get more from the everyday

Maybe you’ve watched a couple of self-development YouTube videos.
Flicked through a book or two. Or listened to precisely 3 (or 3000) podcast eps.
They were okay. But you know for sure that 659 hours of watching and
listening won’t actually get you to where you need to be in relationships and in life.

You need another approach. One with clear, easy to implement solutions that work. Another is action.

Check out DIY, group and online programs everyday men like you use to gain clarity,
direction, confidence and certainty and get more from the everyday.


Man Coach Services

*Open Now*
Get Your Shit Together
Just $247 (AUD)

Fed up with making the same mistakes? Getting into the same patterns? Feeling fear, doubt and like your shit’s far from together? Sort that here, NOW. Build secure, grounded and unshakeable personal foundations for more clarity and direction and to become a better you. Then, relationships, work, health – it all stacks on top way fucken easier.

*Immediate access*
Better Partner Project
Just $297 (AUD)

Crave a secure, fun and easy relationship where you both feel like connected teammates who just get each other?
Follow the exact steps everyday men like you have used to build a ‘Fuck Yes! Relationship’ that’s solid, respectful, exciting and secure AF in the 4-week accelerator for men.
Be your best. Give your best.

6-MONTH COACHING – *Application*
Everyday Legends
Investment starts from $67/week (AUD)

A community of Everyday Men committed to facing their shit, championing each other, and getting more from life, love, & the everyday. The most significant work happens inside this community of like-minded men and coaches. Make sense of what’s below the surface, build an unshakeable foundation, so you can grab life by the balls.

Why you? Why now?
I champion everyday men like you in building legendary relationships. Rock-solid integrity. A fucken exciting life.
New level? Then you’re gonna need a new shovel…. Feel me, bro? Okay, I know what you’re thinking. Mike, what the hell do shovels have to do with my growth? Maybe in the past you strived to achieve more – in your job;. A promotion, a new role, launching a new service if you’re a business owner. Maybe striving for more in your relationships. Whatever it is for you… To get there, you followed a few steps. And maybe after a little trial and error, it worked. Sweet. But what got you here… won’t get you to the next level. Just like a shitty spade is fine for a pot plant. It gets the job done. But a garden? You’ll need new tools for the new terrain. And a whole fucken backyard? You better believe that tiny trowel won’t achieve what you want. So why are you expecting yourself to reach that next level with the tools that got you here? It’s impossible.

How do you want to grow?

Click the tabs below to see which path is best for you:



That depends on what you want, mate. Follow these: for next-level confidence, stronger relationships, to get your shit together or for a connected community and coaching with Mike.

If you really can’t get clear on which is for you, send Mike a short voice message and we can work out the best move for you. Do that here: https://www.speakpipe.com/messagemike

Good question, mate. ;) While I can’t promise anything, here’s what everyday legends like you have to say.

Yes and no. I offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for Next-Level Confidence and The Better Partner Project, and a 14 day one for GYST 101. All you need to do? Show me your completed work. This shit doesn’t just happen. You have to want it and work for it. The positive side? Unshakeable results when you do the work. But I’ll honour my word – if you work it and it doesn’t work for you, have your money back, dude.
Good question and nah, I’m a man coach. Think of me as the foreman, helping you build a strong as fuck foundation, so that everything else life stacks on top is done with ease. I’m not a relationship coach. Or a career coach. But having said that, after working with me – these become easier and better, too. Think of me as a ‘Get-your-shit-together-and-be-an-everyday-legend-coach’ (for men – because men and women are different and those differences, well, I know them. Well).

This depends on the course you choose. GYST, NLCC and BPP are entirely solo Do-It-At-Home courses. You work alone in private at your own pace (keeping in mind they all have set lengths which you can stretch if you want). However, from time to time we host Live Q&A calls across these courses (you can join completely anonymous if you like) for you to sit in on and have the opportunity to have all your questions addressed by Mike. You’ll simply be listening and typing questions in a chatbox.
ELA courses are group programs. That means you are part of a community of like-minded men. Something many guys struggle with the idea of before they step into, then it clearly and easily becomes the one thing they didn’t know they were missing until they got it. That community element looks like different things, but in short it means you have coaches and good men in your corner, supporting you, challenging you, holding you accountable, and wanting you to win.

Ah no. This work is not a quick fix or a nicely packaged up solution to your shit. As you can likely imagine, courses like these have a load of guys from a load of backgrounds with a giant load of shit between them. There is no one size fits all quick fix for this variety and magnitude of shit. What we’ll be doing is educating you on getting a better understanding of yourself and your shit, coming to terms with it, changing the relationships to it, working to change where change is needed, and be able to move past and overcome your shit so it doesn’t have the impact it does now. Depending on the course you choose, we’ll go deeper into and get further to the other side of our shit, but there is no fixing – you’re not broken, you just have some shit to work on and potential to access. Let’s do that here.

You can ask questions, however, it depends on the course for the level and frequency of access – some of the courses have occasional live Q&A calls you can jump on to get real-time coaching.
Otherwise hit me up on social media with a private message (IG is best here, but FB works too here) and I’ll ensure I give the question some love.
Sending big long detailed emails is a quick way for that email to drop down my inbox – any questions that come in via email we ask are short, specific, and precise.

Otherwise, if you have a question about one of these courses or working with me, you can ask me a question directly here via audio – click here then record.

If your payment doesn’t go through, we will notify you and you will also receive a notification from Stripe or PayPal. If you purchased using PayPal, you can log in directly to PayPal and adjust the payment method for the recurring payment plan under Mike Campbell Enterprises. The system will retry the charge 7 days later, and if your payment method fails a second time, your course access will be automatically revoked. If you need to rectify any payments, please contact support@mikecampbell.com.au immediately


It’s time to get more
from the everyday

Are you ready to upgrade your life to new heights you’ve never experienced before?