Maybe that’s you – You grab a beer, hit the couch, but nagging at the back of your mind, you know you could be experiencing more.

Something doesn’t feel quite right. Life is so BUSY now, and knowing if you’re on the right path is almost impossible.

I get it, I’ve been there; life gets busy, and all of a sudden you’re trying to be everything to everyone. And it’s exhausting, right!?

This program is for…

Men who want to experience the next level in their life;
More Time, More Clarity, More Confidence, and Greater Success.

Read on to find out what this program can do for you, as it has many men before.

Supporting Men in Gaining More Time, Confidence & Success in Their Lives

What is the ‘School of Personal Mastery – Elementary Class’?

Five months – 10 Men across the Globe per intake

A Brotherhood of men working to become their best and lead more purposeful lives – Led by Global Men’s Coach Mike Campbell

The School of Personal Mastery: Elementary Class is a five month intensive and exclusive course that supports you in stepping up in your life. It is a program that will give you huge clarity, purposeful direction, and the execution to make significant change and progress across the board in your life; career, relationships, personally. 

In this course we’ll support you in connecting to YOUR unique awesomeness with courage, authenticity and purpose.

This is the opportunity to become part of a community of men all striving for bigger things in life; gaining back time, generating authentic confidence, and becoming a man of purposeful action

Create Clarity, Direction, Purpose:

Deep dive into YOU; what’s holding you back and driving you forward to be your best

We provide the platform, space and relationships for you to step up, do the work and reach your potential.

Stop caring so much what other people think (be honest), and give a shit about YOU.

It needn’t change the world, but it will change YOUR world. Step up and take the power back in your life!

The 3 Cornerstones of Personal Mastery:

  • SELF INTELLIGENCE: To gain maximum awareness about yourself; thoughts, word and actions, and then put that into action through managing your behaviours.

  • PHYSICAL INTELLIGENCE: To maximise knowledge of everything involving your physical self, including the link to the mental/emotional.

  • SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE: To utilise your self-intelligence in order to show up more authentically & confidently in your interactions to ensure mutual benefit in those relationships.

  • THE MASTER PLAN: Bringing it all together to form the ultimate master plan

What other men say about SPM coaching:

“Beforehand I was umming and ahhing; ‘Should I do this?’Now I just want to bottle this feeling I have and sell it! You’ve awakened a monster” -Phil

I came from a great place physically, mentally and emotionally, so on the outset may not have needed it. But I want to explore and have an amazing life, not an ok life. If you want the same, do it.” – Richie

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Does this resonate?

We know the pressure to show that we “have our shit sorted”, but the thing is, no one really does and it’s and exhausting and never-ending game we play to ‘be a man’.

We procrastinate, we numb ourselves with booze, TV and banter, seeking security and comfort. Often staying stuck through fear.

We think if we just get some time and motivation, we’ll get more money, a better body, more sex, and more freedom – it simply doesn’t work like that, does it?

We chase things as external sources of validation, without connecting to what truly fulfils us. Many of us who seem happy, are actually frustrated, feeling a bit stuck.Really, we want to form meaningful relationships and have awesome experiences.

In The School of Personal Mastery we support you in building the tools to communicate effectively and navigate your life with clarity and confidence.

Who This Is For

This program is for men who want bigger things from life, but aren’t sure how to make it happen.

More Time, More Clarity, More Confidence, and Greater Success; career, relationships, physically.

This is NOT for men who are looking for a quick fix solution. Or men who think they just need a few tips and they have everything else sorted – you MUST be open to new things.

“PERSONAL MASTERY… is not about reaching a point of perfection. It’s the ability and willingness to do what serves you, even though you’re not perfect.”


As featured in:

What it involves

  • FIVE Powerful Group Calls: one per month 

    Live deep dive group coaching sessions with Mike

  • Comprehensive Online Course platform

    Ten modules with all coaching videos & content

  • SPM Community Home Base

    Private group of all SPME students Grads, all sharing individual missions

  • Detailed manual workbook

    Containing the full course content. Yours forever.

  • Mikes Weekly Office Hours

    Weekly opportunity to communicate with Mike

  • Brotherhood

    Crucial part of being your best – support of your bros

Let’s talk about you and see if you’ll be a good fit for this program. Click below to select your time and let’s connect.