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Achieve Personal Mastery

MEN – It’s time to STOP!

Stop spinning the wheels, stop trying to keep up, fit in and do the right thing? It’s exhausting, right? 

Do you want a body that performs, great relationships, and a rewarding career?

It’s time to START working on the most important project you have – ‘Project Me’ – and solve YOURSELF. Then all projects in your life can benefit on your journey towards Personal Mastery.

Hi – my name is Mike. I believe ANY man can achieve Personal Mastery; find DIRECTION and PURPOSE, be content is your own skin!

It isn’t about getting shredded abs, a chiselled chest or false confidence…

Instead, it is about having clarity on what’s important to you, and living unapologetically in accordance with that.

First, we must take care of Number One – YOU.

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Time: 9-10:15pm

Timezone: Sydney Australia, GMT +11 hours

Thurs JAN 19th

The aim of this ‘Personal Mastery’ is:



As boys we constantly hear messages such as “man up” and “don’t be a pussy”, as a result, we hide our emotional side and develop this inner narrative “I’ll be right”, conditioning us into presenting a false version of ourselves.

We start wearing this mask to constantly prove our masculinity, which strengthens as we become Men. Soon what we seek as ‘success’ is sex, money and power or a loose concept of freedom; a culture of more is better. It’s exhausting.

Ever questioned what success is to YOU?

What we actually want is CONNECTION and BELONGING; to feel accepted, respected and significant, and to be able to spend our time doing what matters with those how matter.

Many of us who seem happy, are actually frustrated, feeling a bit stuck,  like the wheels are spinning.

It becomes almost automatic to portray the happy, ‘sorted’ man, when often we’re far from it; filled with fear and self-doubt, constantly comparing ourselves to others and obsessing over what they think of us.

Procrastination means we numb ourselves with booze, TV, exercise, and banter, seeking security and comfortOften staying stuck through fear of failure and embarrassment.

We think if we just get some time and motivation, we’ll get the things we want – more money, a better body, more sex, and more freedom as if one day it’ll just happen…

Often turning to physical change without knowing why, which is usually about validation from OTHERS.

In this ‘Solve Yourself’ webinar we aim to help you break free of this cycle, address what is truly important to you and start making it happen.

What you’ll get out of this webinar

  • In the ‘Solve Yourself’ webinar we’ll provide an environment for you to ask these questions of yourself, to work out what success looks like to YOU, uncover your limiting beliefs and fears that hold you back, then provide you with the tools and strategies to overcome them and make that ideal picture of success a reality.
  • We’ll give you the permission to give yourself the permission to get out of your own way so you can push past comfort and safety in order to grow.
  • You’ll gain clarity on who you are and what is most important to you, getting clear on your direction and purpose in life.
  • We help you gain control of the constant demands on your time and the freedom that comes with that.
  • Leave with a framework and system to create this change in your life and start to live with purpose and confidence.

To ‘Solve Yourself’ needn’t change the world, but it will change YOUR world. Isn’t it time you stepped off the treadmill and took your life by the balls?

Why ‘Solve Yourself‘ & Personal Mastery?

Well, as men we have a skill of getting stuck into a project; big, small, important or mundane. We also have a need to SOLVE things. Am I right?

Ever been told that “I don’t need you to solve anything, just listen“? …

In this webinar we introduce your most IMPORTANT PROJECT you’ll ever have to take on – YOURSELF.

Which is why we challenge you to solve ‘PROJECT ME’ and seek to achieve PERSONAL MASTERY, hence your purpose now is to ‘Solve Yourself’.

In accepting this challenge your purpose in life is to become your very own mix of James Bond, Nelson Mandela and Batman.

The 3 Cornerstones of PERSONAL MASTERY:

  1. SELF INTELLIGENCE – To gain maximum awareness around you; thoughts, words and actions, and your biggest drivers.

  2. PHYSICAL INTELLIGENCE – To maximise knowledge of everything involving your physical self, including the link to mental/emotional.

  3. SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE – To utilise your self-intelligence in order to gain maximum awareness in interactions involving other people.

This webinar begins the process of Personal Mastery

Which – isn’t about perfection – it’s developing the ability and willingness to do what’s necessary and most effective, even though you’re not perfect.

Who this is for…

Put simply… This webinar is for men who want more out of life, but aren’t sure how to make it happen.

It’s for men who have become frustrated with the box we’ve put ourselves into, for men who know there is something in them, something BIGGER and BETTER just waiting to be unleashed.

This is for men who NO LONGER want to be one of the crowd and who want to STEP UP and step INTO your GREATNESS.

Who this is NOT for…

These webinars are about creating space in your life to process change, so there isn’t room for guys who have their cynical hat on. You MUST be OPEN and willing to question yourself, AND LEARN.

This is NOT for men who think they have it all sorted, have all the answers and know what they SHOULD be doing.

It’s NOT a quick fix solution. You’ll need to be patient in digging into yourself.

Lastly, this is not for guys wanting to learn how to manipulate others and become a Pick Up Artist.

THIS IS FOR MEN who want to learn how to live as your authentic self.


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Gain clarity around what drives your thoughts, words and actions, and what brings you purpose.

This forms the basis of success in your career and relationships. When you do this you attract people and opportunities that are meaningful to you. How does that sound?

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What happens when you SOLVE YOURSELF and achieve PERSONAL MASTERY…

You increase your cababilities across the board, including the ability to command respect, admiration and trust through your words, actions and presence, regardless of the situation you’re in.

Without ego, arrogance or force, you have a subtle confidence about you, and have the ability to spend your life doing the things most important to you, with the people that matter most.