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Mike really pushes you to dig under the surface and get right to the heart of the issue. He challenges you to think about everything in a completely different way and I have really learnt how to re-frame things a lot better now
– Stu Davidson
What I’ve found best about coaching with Mike is his drive and understanding. He has a unique ability to articulate back to you what you need to hear in order to move forward. He also calls you on your bullshit. I think the way Mike drove home to really plan and constantly put ‘Project Me’ first, compounded the importance of this.
– Richie Mellotte
Mike knows a shit load of stuff (technical term), knows it well and always has an interesting spin, viewpoint or way of approaching the topic that leads to increased learning for the student.
His program easily makes sense from a ROI point of view.
– Mark Johnson
Mike leads by example in his own life with excellence. His honesty and openness really help bridge the gap working with him and instils trust both ways.
– Ryan Hazell

I’m Mike Campbell – you can call me Mike, and this is my site. It exists to support men in connecting to to who we really are, not who we think we’re supposed to be. This means I challenge the current model of manhood and the constant pressure to prove our masculinity. This site is here to support men 25-45 in stepping into their potential with clarity, drive and purpose.

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Men breaking the stereotype and surface level banter by having more meaninglful conversations

Beyond The Beers SHOW


Watch Mike and his guests share stories, perspective and tackle some meaningful conversations. This show is for men to listen, learn, laugh & grow.

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By utilising our masculine need to solve projects in life, we harness your energy into ‘solving’ your most important project – YOU. Join a Sydney Workshops plus online webinar.

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