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Here’s the thing – most guys WILL NOT do anything with this information. Maybe you’ll listen to the audio. Maybe you’ll download the pdf. Maybe you’ll open it and read a bit. But the BIGGEST CHALLENGE for most guys when it comes to this work – especially Nice Guys – is putting the difficult work into action. When faced with our limitations, our fears and insecurities, we struggle to push ourselves into the uneasy and insecure discomfort that growth requires. As a result, we don’t do it. And we don’t grow. We stagnate. We relapse into old patterns when faced with all the old situations where our Nice Guy tendencies ran our lives.
The simplest antidote to stagnation and relapse is ACCOUNTABILITY. It’s not a cop-out, it’s not weak. It’s the smartest play you can make.
In the hundreds of Nice Guys I have personally worked with and the thousands more I have spoken with and who have done my courses, the men who make the most change and actually move from Insecure Frustrated Nice Guy to Grounded Solid Good Man are the ones that get support, guidance, coaching, and men that can challenge them, encourage them, and keep them accountable – Mike.

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