Mike Campbell – Mission & Who This is For

We help 25-45 year old men who want more out of life to show up in the world 100% as yourself, content in your own skin, so you can find significance, worth and personal power.

We do this first by challenging the current model of manhood that sees us in a constant need to prove our masculinity, to hold things in and not ask for help.

By helping men drop this false and forced version of ourselves and get out of our own way, we help you realise your potential and become your best; your own perfect mix of James Bond, Nelson Mandela and Batman.

Or whatever that is for you. But you know, that’s it for me – Mike 

As boys we are often conditioned into presenting this false picture of manhood through constant messages such as “man up/harden up/toughen up”, “don’t be a pussy/girl/fag”. At the slightest sign of emotion we learn to shut it away and sort it out ourselves because “boys/men don’t do that”, so we develop this inner narrative “I’ll be right”.

As teenagers we learn to follow the crowd and fall into the masculine measures of success; athletic ability, sexual conquests and financial success, these strengthen as we become men and soon what we seek is sex, money and a loose concept of freedom; a relentless culture of more is better.

To the average man, more sex, more money and freedom are THE measures of success – that we talk about anyway. Ever questioned what true success is to YOU?

The truth is, we do all want these to some degree, which is fine, when we know WHY and what these things – sex, money, freedom – actually mean to us, and provide for us.

What we’ve found at MikeCampbell.com.au is what these commonly translate to:

  • As much as we like and love sex, what we really want is to be desired, to be significant and accepted. The sex that comes with this connection is what we truly desire (think about it – be honest).
  • We want money because it’s been drilled into us that this is synonymous with success, and we realise life will be easier with the more we have.
  • This will in turn provide us with the kind of freedom we dream of; travel, experiences, nice things, “Security”, a HOT partner. This may be true for some men, but at the end of the day what we really want is personal power; control over our time, able to manage our priorities and do the things that are most important to us.
    When we say we want sex, money and freedom, what we actually want is to feel desired and significant, and to be able to spend our time doing what is most important to us and makes us feel best, with the people who we are connected to most.


We believe the current model of manhood has led to men building a mask behind which we feel the need to constantly prove our masculinity. We believe in dismantling the status quo and figuring out what success is to YOU.
Our mission is to help men realise their potential.


We do this is by providing the space for you to work on what is most important to you. We ask questions, challenge thinking and facilitate clarity and change, that sees you gain direction with purpose.


This happens through a series of events, workshops and intensive programs in which we break down this conditioned model of masculinity and delve into who you are and help you work out what your measure of success. Then we provide you with the tools to make it happen

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Who Is This For?

Our audience are men who are generally 25-45, that are asking the question of themselves “How do I get more out of life?” but aren’t quite sure how to make it happen.

You might have some success in some areas of life, but lacking in others which is where this desire for improvement comes in.

You may have been chasing the conditioned masculine measures of success; sex, physicality, money/security and a vague concept of more freedom. Having rarely thought about what success means to YOU. 

You feel the weight of expectation – the constant demand on your time and energy through work and personal life; from yourself, or others, often saying yes to others too much, and no to yourself.

It often becomes easy to use this for excuses and rationalisations.

You can feel a bit stuck, lost and stagnant.

Worries centre around money, sex and relationships;  a strong preoccupation with comparison to others and thoughts over what others think of you.

It’s exhausting and frustrating.

Previously the most obvious choice for change has been to try the physical. You may have had success here before, or you may have never really gotten started – but you’re most likely not where you want to be physically.

You might like good, intelligent TV, movies, books and documentaries.

You may like a drink, but not necessarily heavily, however, you may have a generally negative relationship with food and drink – one that involves guilt and stress around certain foods, amounts and drinks. This can be a source of disappointment and frustration.

You’re intelligent and enjoy good company and conversation, but often the dominant conversation can be the internal narrative that can become a constant battle for clarity and motivation.

Most of the guys who we help here at MikeCampbell.com.au are doing ok in life, but feel a bit stuck and generally want more our of themselves, out of life. If this resonates with you…

The most important question you can ask now is – are you ready to reclaim your Personal Power, make change and LEVEL UP?

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