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Issue #3: Nice and Harsh Truths Nice Guys Need To Accept Immediately

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Here are three honest and harsh truths Nice Guys need to accept immediately for a peaceful life:

  1. Some people will not like you.
  2. Some people will judge you.
  3. Some people aren’t your people.

Let that be ok.


These truths are worded differently:

  1. You cannot be liked by everyone.
  2. You will be judged.
  3. You are not meant to get on with or be liked by all people.

Learning to accept these and be ok in your own skin regardless, will eliminate the most unnecessary worry most Nice Guys have.


If your part-time side hustle is worrying about what other people think of you, know that this is a pastime that will never bring you meaningful returns.


Let people make their minds up about you.


Focus on respecting yourself.


That’s the cheat code.


I did a solo podcast episode diving into these three points here if you want to explore them in more depth.