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Issue #37: Facing Challenges

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Straight up…


The best thing I did for the quality of my life and the direction in which it’s headed was face all the shit I didn’t want to face.


Was to work on myself and my blind spots.


Look at all my ineffective behaviours.

And how they caused negative and frustrating consequences in my life.


Then faced those consequences. Owned them.


And chose to do something about them.


If we don’t face the consequences of the shit that isn’t working for us, the ineffective shit we do, we are doomed to repeat them.


You know the quote:

“If we don’t learn from history we are doomed to repeat it.”


Well, this is the same for you – if you don’t learn from your past – even the immediate past of an action earlier today – you are doomed to repeat it.


So I did. I took on this task – a project, I call it.


The purpose: Me.


Understand myself. Make change, grow, and become who I am capable of becoming.


Which, to be clear, I am still (and always) in the process of becoming.


A worthy work-in-progress journey.


Yet, when I made this decision, I couldn’t do nor carry all of it alone.


The idea that I needed to do it all alone had to die.

The idea that I’m somehow less than, a failure, weak, or anything else that might live rent-free in your mind – has to die.


It must.


Since that time, I have increased my capacity to navigate tough shit, carry shit, and face shit – but I still can’t do all of that shit alone.


I can’t see my blind spots.

I can’t provide external inspiration, accountability, or challenge from an unseen angle.


These all come in the company of others.


Critically, for men – especially Nice Guys – these must come in some way in the company of good men.



As a rule, nice guys tend to avoid strong, challenging, insightful men. The fear of being seen, truly, deeply being seen by those men, terrifies them.

Think about this for yourself.


You might have experienced this – the idea of your depths, your weakness, all the ways in which you judge yourself or fear rejection or judgement for – having those seen by men who can see it, challenged on it, called forward into doing something about it. Man. that can be too much to face.


It’s easier not to avoid that kind of company.


But when you’re serious about it – when you truly want change – like “this shit cannot continue and I have to do something about it – I know there is more for me and it. It. time” – then you’ll be ready to enter that kind of company.


And then the best thing happens; You find that, while it can be uncomfortable to be seen and invited forward into growth. It is endlessly supportive, safe, encouraging, and uplifting.


It shows us the way and gives us permission.

The voice of your insecurity

Where do we take this?


I hold integrity to be a high value.


It’s always been an innate thing.


Yet, left alone, all by myself, with all my wriggle room and justifications, it was still rough around the edges, let’s call it.


How I have clarified this and made it infinitely stronger has been in the company of the good men.

Those men who work with me and the men I am in a support/challenge/accountability relationship with.


I lead men, I support, coach, challenge, and guide men.

And I am a peer with men who can do the same for me.


They all play an immense part in my own growth. In the health of my relationships, my business, and my life.

Allowing myself to be seen by men, supported by them, and in pragmatic problem solving, get epic shit done mode – this has allowed my life to 10x multiple times over the last 10 years.


And I want this for the men who work with me. As well as any men who haven’t taken a step into that yet.


That might be you.


I want this for the men who subscribe to this newsletter – who struggle with certain things that persist, who have Nice Guy Syndrome as a kind of conjoined twin.


For you men out there who not only want the frustrating shit to change and be able to put it down for good, but to be able to truly step into feeling solid, secure, grounded, and at peace with yourself.


This is what I call the Everyday Legend – an Unfuckwithable Good Man.

The embodiment of the Ancient Greek term ‘ZEUS ENERGY’.


It is the work we embark on in the Everyday Legends Academy (ELA) – it’s the journey I take men on.


Men brave enough to truly commit to themselves despite not having all the answers. Despite having hesitation, fear, and nerves about what the journey might ask of them.


When we commit to challenging things, we are instantly brought into confrontation with ourselves. With our limits. Our fears. Out insecurities and edges.


To make real, significant and meaningful change we must have confrontation – ultimately with ourselves.


When you confront yourself, when you meet yourself at an edge, you can choose the same familiar things you know even if they don’t serve you. Or you can embark on an adventure that asks you to step into growth. Into the unknown. The very place where all of your potential exists.


“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek” – Joseph Campbell.


It creates a situation where growth is necessary. Where you have to take action; let go of some old beliefs and patterns and step up into some new ones.

And one where the steps to get there emerge. They reveal themselves – after you step.


Never before.


But none of this happens in isolation. Left to your own devices you remain in the company of your limitations.


This is all why ELA exists: To create an Australasian community of Unfuckwithable Good Men.

Because a Good Man is a useful and purposeful man. A safe, solid legend. 


This man is Sovereign, he is self-governing, he is self-respecting, secure, and has a solid sense of security – not based on the external world or opinions of others, but on his own internal self-worth.


He knows who he is and he’s comfortable there – not because he’s perfect but because he’s ok with imperfection. He’s ok being a human, and he’s stronger for being in self-acceptance.


This man is at peace in himself in the world and allows the world to adapt to him instead of the Nice Guy who is constantly adapting to the world to try and feel at peace


And all men deserve a legendary life like this.


If this appeals to you

This is my invitation to you – ELA is now open for enrolments.


That starts with a simple yet deeply clarifying application process HERE.


There you’ll answer some questions designed to flush out the appropriate info on you so we can establish if ELA can be the full and remarkable solution for you as it has been for the hundred of me who have come before you.


APPLY HERE NOW – fundamentally change the trajectory of your life.


I do not fuck around with this statement.


Even if you’re only thinking “I just have some fine-tuning needed” – a few degrees in the wrong direction is still a long way in the wrong direction across time.


Deep insight. Awareness. Clarity. Direction. Aligned action. A life of deep meaning and joy. 


I’ve seen it so many times. And I live it.

This is the standard I have come to set for myself – and I enjoy inviting men forward into setting a standard like this for themselves.


Isn’t it time to get a little taste of this for yourself?


Apply here – shake shit up – become UNFUCKWITHABLE.