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Issue #42: Share Stories

Share it now!

I did something for the first time.


I went away for a few days by myself – no wife or daughter – and I just wrote.


I took myself off to a small coastal town, sat my arse down and got started on writing my new book.




That’s the current working title.


It is a book designed to help Nice Guys understand their patterns, why they play out for them, where they come from, and how to overcome the insecurity driving them.


I am laying out the blueprint to become a secure, solid, grounded, unfuckwithable good man.

I have completed the first draft of the introduction, and the first chunk of Part One. I’m Excited!


Up until this week, I have been in the prep phase, laying out the chapter headings, filling in points to cover, and getting ready to write.


But sitting down and writing a decent chunk to get the momentum started needed some concentrated time away. That hasn’t been the easiest for me to arrange previously. Until now.


This week was also the first time my daughter Kaia has had a sleepover away from us, her mum and dad. Nardia is playing in a hockey tournament, and Nana and Granddad came over to look after Kaia.


Creating this situation has now been four years in the making, and it was so good to have some solid time alone to be in this book. To sit with the overall concept, the major questions I’m addressing at the heart of it, and so much of my own journey reforming out of my old Nice Guy ways.


It was as I was writing out one of my own pivotal stories and as I was reflecting on some of the cool stories of the many nice guys I have worked with over the years, that a thought struck me:

Why don’t I put the call out for story submissions from my audience?”


This is where you come in

I would love to hear from YOU – and the stories from your life where your Nice Guy patterns and insecure beliefs leading to them have played out.


This is an opportunity to have some of your story featured in the book – all anonymously, as I know how daunting it can be for nice guys to have some of your more vulnerable pieces seen.


Here’s what I’m looking for:

I am interested in stories that showcase just how your nice guy tendencies played out for you—the situations they created and the funny, frustrating, foolish results they produced in your life.


As well as stories of change. Ways in which you have overcome your insecurities and nice guy patterns and stepped into courageous action, building self-respect, self-worth, and become more secure and solid within yourself.


These changes could have occurred through working with me, reading or watching my content, or any other way—it doesn’t matter. I am deeply interested in your stories of growth, expansion, and courage as you shed the nice guy mode and step into security.


Note: everything shared with me will be confidential.


What to do:

Let’s keep this simple and make it easy – message me in one of two ways:

  1. Share your stories directly in reply.
    If I think I need more detail and context, I’ll respond and we can explore it in a bit more depth.
  2. Say that you have a story that you’d like to share anonymously with me.
    While anything shared with me will be 100% confidential – I take the sharing of your stories – and your vulnerability – incredibly seriously, I do know that even having me know your stories could be too daunting.I do not want to miss out on some of the best stories because you’re too uncomfortable with me knowing it is yours. So if this is you, let me know that you have a story to share privately and we will get you a link where you can share it anonymously.