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079 How to navigate fear of failure – Solo Episode

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Today I’m excited to bring you a punchy short episode on Failure.

Failure is a big topic, and we could spend a lot of time exploring it. But in this episode, I’m going to dive into something that is significant, powerful and impactful when it comes to failure.


This is one I think you can listen to briefly and start taking action to shift some things in your life immediately.

Failure is certainly one of the things that we end up doing in the world of my coaching program, the Everyday Legends Academy because it is a big challenge for a lot of guys, the fear of failure.


In this episode, I’ll dive in with two lines that I want to essentially hit you in the face with, and that is this: “Failure is inevitable. Being a failure is a choice.”

If that speaks to you, or simply any charge you hold around “failure” and fear of failure – dive in and listen to this punchy episode.


As usual, I trust you’ll get something from this episode.

As always, if you have questions about it – ask me. Hit me on social media @mikecampbellmc on Instagram or @Mike Campbell Man Coach on Facebook.

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