Congrats! Step #1 done - Now Step #2

A little about ELA & YOU

Watch the video below as Mike explains a little about ELA - the program options and what to expect from here. Then below you’ll see some rapid fire questions to help us further clarify what option might be best for you.

Rapid fire questions

As you come into the next stage of the journey in exploring the world of Everyday Legends Academy, we want to ensure that we come to that chat with as much clarity on what is the best fit for you.

These questions are here to support us in understanding what will be the most effective program option for you (as per the video above) and to ensure you have the most impactful journey in the work and community. 

There are no right or wrong answers here. Just your most honest answers right now. Please do not attempt to answer in a way you think Mike might want to hear or that you might want to aim for.

If you and Mike are to discuss bringing you into this work, one of the programs, and the community to support you in a significant and life changing way, your most honest answers to these are very helpful to support you in the next step.

Most of these are designed to be rapid-fire answers. If you feel the need to write supporting statements please keep it brief.

After you’ve submitted these questions you’ll be taken to a page to book a voice chat with Mike + we’ll drop you some short and helpful videos to further make sense of the process and ELA – please be sure to watch these so we can be on point in this process with you.


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