ELA Application Process - Step #1


The below questions are designed to help you bring clarity to where you’re at and what you’re experiencing now, what you want in the future and what might be getting in the way of that happening for you.

Mike will be able to take your answers and start to piece together your situation, get an idea of you and what’s going on for you so he can both support you in bringing a depth of clarity and get a clear idea if the world of EVERYDAY LEGENDS ACADEMY (ELA) could be for you.

Your task here is to be as open and honest as you can – not to answer in the way you’d like to answer them, not scaping over important depths, not answering how you think Mike might want the answers to be.

Some of that might feel uncomfortable, confronting even. This is a simple first step to being honest with yourself. If you can do that and trust that what you share with us is safe, confidential, never shared anywhere and only for the purposes of supporting you, then allow yourself to be open, honest, and real in your answers.


The pieces of this process

At this stage in this Application process, we want to point out that part of the reason for inviting you to write these answers is that you can sit in the relative anonymity of you and your screen. As you work through this page of questions and onto the second stage (the next page) you will gain more insight into the world of ELA and the programs, what it involves, the different levels, and how you can possibly get involved and have a chat with Mike about it. These initial questions are crucial for us to first establish not only if this is suitable for you but can be a full and remarkable solution for you like it has so many men before you. Mike will provide full and in-depth feedback on all of our answers.


For us to make any sort of progress on change, on creating a better life for you, on accessing your potential, we have to first understand where you are now.


You’re here for a reason - what is that reason - you must want some kind of change, so let’s start looking at that.


Whatever brings you here, invariably it will involve some kind of work to create change, to grow, to reach a new level in one or many areas of your life. Your willingness to change is a vital piece of that puzzle. Don’t overthink these but consider what change might ask of you:

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