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Now it's time to get Mike's detailed feedback! The next phase of this process is for Mike to sit down with all your answers and flush out his thoughts and feedback. Personalised in a video for you. Mike will walk you through every bit of coaching feedback he has for you - laid out in detail.
This is your very own coaching video with Mike. It includes his specific coaching recommendation for you. This is why it comes with a small investment fee.
It gives you some skin in the game for this valuable, personalized coaching feedback.

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ELA isn’t for everyone – submitting your answers helps us get an understanding of that. Mike will go through them.

He will provide in-depth feedback, personalised coaching advice, and a recommendation.

From there, a chat will help you both confirm the best move forward. There are no commitments or obligations, only opportunity and clarity.

This is your chance to make a small investment. You’ll get detailed and thorough feedback and advice from Mike. If you go ahead with enrolling in a coaching program, this $97 (AUD) investment amount will contribute to the Commitment Deposit.

If you don’t proceed, you have invested in a highly valuable coaching resource for you to use.