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IMPORTANT DETAILS - please read & watch

This page contains 3 clarity pieces, both for our work in ELA and what’s coming up in this process. 

Below you’ll see TWO videos and a button to click to go and download the Voxer App if you don’t currently have it.

Video One: is a quick yet powerful teaching analogy about what we do in ELA. It will serve you massively in your growth, whether this process sees you enrol in an ELA intake. Take note.

Video Two: is Mike taking you into some finer details of both WHAT we do in ELA and HOW we do it. It explains some of the logistics for you to start considering. For example, call times, coaching, and the community aspect.

You must watch these videos before you chat with Mike.

We need you to understand these details. Mike will also prepare a personalized coaching feedback video and email it to you.

#1. Watch: Why Strategy is NEVER enough

#2. Watch: ELA - The Logistics

Watch the video below. Mike explains the specific details involved in ELA. He covers the program logistics, including our work and how we do it.

Then below you’ll see a button to download the Voxer App.

Remember to check your email. We’ll send Mike’s personalized coaching video and all the info you need right now. This includes links so you can read or watch again.


Hi – it’s Mike. Our conversation starts with me making a detailed coaching video for you. We’ll then chat via Audio Voice Message exchange using the Voxer – Walkie Talkie – App.

If you don’t already have the app – click the button below to download it – or just visit the App Store or Google Play.

Once you have it installed and a profile set up, you can search for and find me at ‘mikecampbell‘.

Send a short written message to say “Hi, looking forward to chatting about ELA”.

I’ll email you everything you need to watch before our chat. After that, we will discuss the final stage of this process: YOU and ELA. My videos will explain everything from here.

Bring all questions – this is about finding THE SOLUTION for you.



We will send you this information so that you can access it again. The content in these videos is vital for the chat with Mike.

We ask that you watch these videos and Mike’s feedback before our scheduled chat.

This way, we can make the most of your time and focus on you. We’ll consider your current situation and your true desires for yourself and your future.

And, with that, what ELA-based solution might be the best choice and investment for your life.



“Beforehand I was umming and ahhing; ‘Should I do this? ’Now I just want to bottle this feeling I have and sell it! You’ve awakened a monster.”


“Growth wouldn’t have been possible without the unbelievable support of all the incredible and inspiring men.”


“The community is nothing short of amazing and the connections I have built over the last 3 months are genuine, tough loving and also bring a lot of joy.”


“Joining ELA is one of the best choices I have EVER made, and I have a Ph.D. (that’s saying something).

Mike is down-to-earth, easy to talk to, full of wisdom and insights that he embodies, and will hold you accountable when needed with compassion and a firm hand.”


“Mike would have to be the most patient and insightful person I have ever met. I always felt throughout my ELA journey that I am in a safe place; no judgement, no awkwardness. Massive thank you to Mike for giving me the tools to move forward in my head and life.”


Watch what our grads have to say:

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