How well do you know yourself?

The other intelligences: Part 1  SELF INTELLIGENCE *A version of this post first appeared in the October issue of OH Magazine   I sat there in this outward pseudo-blasé state, answering the questions with full internal focus. On the one hand I said I “didn’t really care”, but inside I was hanging on the result for [...]

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The little known cause of obesity: scarcity thinking

Glancing up from my phone, I spotted it, directly across the street (and a crosswalk) from Starbucks, although they looked almost identical. My journey up Montana Ave in Santa Monica saw me with head constantly up and down, going from phone screen to the actual world. I was looking for Primo Passo Coffee, a place [...]

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Are you lying to yourself?

Yes, you are. Well, to assume so is pretty safe, seeing as most of us do.  A lot. What do I mean? Let me explain through a few common examples... “I really want to just lose the extra padding around my gut. I eat well and train regularly...” In my experience- no, no you don’t. [...]

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Become your kid’s real life superhero

Fight off the trolls, slay the dragon, banish the tyrannical overlord and save the princess. We’ve all done it hundreds, if not thousands of times. Think about it… for many of us these were the first kind of stories we heard. As soon as we were old enough to get imaginative we subsequently put ourselves [...]

Men – are you making these 6 mistakes?

Does this sound familiar...  You graduate from University and get straight into the workforce, cutting your teeth at a big name company. You learn the ropes, progress to a higher position, but you’re still young, so you’re out partying, you know, being a mid-20’s male. Soon 5 years have passed, you’ve progressed in your career [...]

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A new definition of ‘Alpha’

A question I inevitably get often is “What does the term ‘Alpha’ mean to me?”   Seeing as I wrote a book entitled Unleash Your Alpha - I get asked this a lot. “What do you mean by alpha? Isn't that usually a bit of a negative term?” Yeah, it is. That's why I'm here to take the negative [...]

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What would Mike do?

I’m sure you’ve no doubt been thinking this on occasion, right? Faced with only vegetarian options at dinner... Maybe you’ve woken up in a strange place and thought- “What would Mike do in this situation?” No, I am kidding. Of course you haven’t, and I certainly hope you haven’t. That would be weird, and creepy. [...]

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