How to Have the Uncomfortable Conversations in Your Life

Conversation. It's what makes us Human. Talking to people. Sometimes talking to yourself. By ‘talking to yourself’ I mean asking questions of yourself; challenging yourself and doing some introspective work. Of course, it could also be actually talking to yourself... I do this often, especially when I’m cooking or about to eat. Basically, I talk to [...]

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The Sweet Spot for Modern Masculinity

The Broken Picture of Modern Masculinity... *The original version of this post appeared on  Man Talks - see here. For a long time we’ve had a picture of masculinity. A narrow and broken one, mind you. It goes like this: Be tough. Control your emotions. Sort things out yourself. Asking for help is weakness. Success is reflected [...]

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Would you date YOU?

A version of this originally appeared on eHarmony Australia. -- Read that out loud – “Would I date myself?” – Seems like a stupid question when you say it, right? The sad reality is, many of us men wouldn’t know because we’re too focused on what we’re looking for in others. We get wrapped up [...]

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How well do you know yourself?

The other intelligences: Part 1  SELF INTELLIGENCE *A version of this post first appeared in the October issue of OH Magazine   I sat there in this outward pseudo-blasé state, answering the questions with full internal focus. On the one hand I said I “didn’t really care”, but inside I was hanging on the result for [...]

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The little known cause of obesity: scarcity thinking

Glancing up from my phone, I spotted it, directly across the street (and a crosswalk) from Starbucks, although they looked almost identical. My journey up Montana Ave in Santa Monica saw me with head constantly up and down, going from phone screen to the actual world. I was looking for Primo Passo Coffee, a place [...]

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Cricket and life – a lesson

Cricket - a game played by a bunch of people. Some wearing funny clothing and protective gear, some not. Then they switch, while some sit down and some run around. Crowds cheer, or not. Or both. What on earth is happening in this game that sees 11 players from each side hurtling a hard cork [...]

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Are you lying to yourself?

Yes, you are. Well, to assume so is pretty safe, seeing as most of us do.  A lot. What do I mean? Let me explain through a few common examples... “I really want to just lose the extra padding around my gut. I eat well and train regularly...” In my experience- no, no you don’t. [...]

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