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Mike: Today I have with me Scott Tweedy, TV Host and as I’m calling him, Professional Prankster.  Good to have you here Buddy.

Scott: Mike. Professional Prankster, I love that.  I did like a Kids show for four years and now everyone things I’m pranking them all the time.

Mike:  I’ll do it today.

Scott: What, is this Beer is it actually Beer this is what you’ve got.


Mike: So Scott and I met last when we both went to Cambodia with the Charity Organisation Project Futures to raise funds and awareness in the fight against Human Trafficking.  Now that was a gruelling, but amazingly rewarding trip and for me for many reasons and one of them because of the connections and friendships that I made.

None more at present than Mr Scott Tweedie himself and someone that I instantly fell in like with, incredibly friendly, genuine and totally personable which clearly worked on me, that’s why he’s sitting here today.  So, Scott, without further ado shall we get into the Show?

Scott:  Mate let’s do it hit me with the hardest questions you have got Mikey and see if you can crack me.

Cheers, and into the show...

Cheers, and into the show…


Mike: Alright so welcome to the show Mate it’s great to have you here, obviously.  So I’d like to start by you know, getting a little bit more about you.  Some of the Audience may not be that aware of you, some may, but they see the Scott that they see on TV. So can you give us a little brief how you spend your time and how you make an impact.


Scott:  Yeah, well I suppose TV’s one thing; your hair, your make-up and all the glitz and the glamour’s, there’s a lot that goes on behind the Scenes and I try to make myself 100% genuine on screen with TV but it’s hard to do sometimes when you are just talking about Music and Movies or pranking Kids.

So yeah there is a lot more to me but my mission for the next, you know, five, ten, fifteen, twenty years, is just do 100% be myself and be the type of person that I want, like you know, when I meet role models myself, I want them to be.  So like if I’m in a Pub or I’m in a Grocery Store and someone’s seen me on Tele, I want them to be comfortable to come up to me and be like, ‘Good Day Mate, how are you?’ and have a chat with me. So that’s sort of my 100% mission.  I think that comes right back to how I was brought up with my Parents and my Sisters,

I think that comes right back to how I was brought up with my Parents and my Sisters, you know really nice family, great values in our family, definitely weren’t a well off family, so I worked my arse off to get to where I’m at today.  Where am at and this position, well it’s just about being a

Where am at and this position, well it’s just about being a genuine good bloke, I think and that’s my 100% mission and hopefully people get to know that and when I meet people that’s definitely my mission to show them that’s the sort of person I am.


Mike:  Very Cool. Very nice, and I think absolutely, I personally pick up on that in dealing with you but also the Videos that you put out on social Media and stuff, I think we get the real you and that’s one of the things that attracted me to you I suppose, in terms of our friendship when we were getting covered in mud, having sore arses from cycling through Cambodia.


Scott:  Oh, Mate and then dehydration as well.  I spewed one day so that was hard stuff on the Bikes.

But know look there is a lot of bullshit in the Industry I’m in and there’s a lot of you know fake personalities, a lot of people who are just in the game to become famous.

My goal is not to become famous, but my goal is to definitely become like a Household name to become more of a Leader and like to be a voice to great organisations like, you know, Project Futures that’s a terrible thing, it’s happening in the World and it’s a Human problem.  Like sex and human trafficking, I’ve got two older Sisters like, I couldn’t even begin to imagine if Mum and Dad sold my Sisters to a brothel when they’re like, you know, you saw it in Cambodia how young the girls were, it’s like, six, seven, eight years old, and forty year old Westerners go over there to sleep with them, I think it’s disgusting.

So my mission is to really use entertainment, put smiles on people’s faces and sort of break away from how much serious stuff there is in the World today, so I think there’s always a space for that, you know, sigh of relief, take the piss out of myself and then fingers crossed build my profile to then bring action to areas of this world that need action.

Making balloon animals for kids in Cambodia

Making baloon animals for kids in Cambodia


Mike: Very nice and you’re obviously doing it to some degree, but thanks for sharing about the Industry that you’re in, because, you know, from the outside I suppose a lot of people could probably think that that’s the case, ah maybe there’s a lot of fake people and that kind of stuff so I’m interested to delve into that a little bit, and how you deal with it.

Is that something that you remove yourself from or is it something that you kind of lean into in terms of you know, one, you’re trying to be genuine yourself, do you avoid those situations with people, do you kind of talk about that in front, is there a way that you actually address that stuff?


Scott: Yeah, look I would love to sit here right now and say no I’m 100% myself but I would be lying to myself and to the people out there, like there’s a part of me that has to play the game and you’ve know you’ve got to sort of climb the ladder and I’m here and I want to be here and there’s a long way to go.

So, it’s about you’ve also got to respect people that are in higher positions than you, even if you don’t believe what they’re about but at the same time in any opportunity that I can just sort of break away from the norm and be a genuine human being and you know, bring across my morals and values, I, 100% will do that. So it is interesting  you know I meet the biggest Celebs in the World to interview them, mind you don’t be fooled when you do interviews on TV you get about 7 to 10 minutes in a Hotel room with them, so you don’t really get that much time with them, but 99% of them are actually all really nice, genuine people.

So I haven’t come across too many wankers and too many people where I’m like – “God you’re terrible” – so it’s actually surprised me that the Industry isn’t too bad in that regard so a lot of people, maybe, it’s just in Australia, like in America, it can be a different league as well, so it’s surprised me in my seven years of being in the Industry, how good it is so far, but you’ve just got to play the game as well in some areas and also put up with the crap in other areas.

Tweedie landing a kiss from Ed Sheeran

Tweedie landing a kiss from Ed Sheeran


Mike: I understand that.  So you obviously enjoy making people laugh, pranks, right and being yourself and bringing that into the World. So then on the flip of that, are there conversations and things that you struggle to talk about in your own life or maybe in your Public life.


Scott: Look I just struggle to have conversations sometimes and my Job is conversations so there’s moments that I reflect on, whether it’s one day, a week ago, a year ago, where I was like damn, I wish I kind of spoke up in that scenario. There’s a few moments when I was at school and I could have seen a kid getting bullied and you just don’t do anything about it and like it’s so much easier to look back on that and go, I should have done something, but that does still sit with me someday when I think, oh, I could have made a difference, but I didn’t, but I’m going to learn from that and now moving forward in my life, you know, work towards standing up for what I believe in and voicing my opinion.

Just an example the other day at work, which was a hard one and I do lots of different productions so I can’t tell you where and which production it was, but you know, a person in a high position put a girl in an uncomfortable position, almost like putting her down because she was a girl, in front of like a crew of guys and it 100% should have been a scenario where I should have stood up for her, but I was worried about losing my own Job if I did that.

So I think it’s for me, it’s having conversations now about those sort of things, there’s got to be a line here where I’ve got to not care about what’s in it for me and to do the right thing for everyone involved, especially Woman, because once again with you and I being connected to Project Futures and men often being a problem in this world with like being the demand and supply for strippers for prostitutes for all that sort of stuff, we have to help the girls out as well, like you know it’s us that has to voice our opinions. So, for me not having conversations about those sorts of things when I should be is a definite area in my life that I want to work on.

On more of a personal level, I suppose just my mates day to day.  Like, we, I talk up a storm with them but I suppose I don’t dive into those areas like just, “Hey! like your Mum might be sick, how you’re going with that?” and digging to more personal conversations with people, I suppose that’s an area of my life that I don’t talk about enough.


Mike: So do you have an awareness to what like really drives you, kind of your core drivers.


Scott: Mate my brain speaks to me 24/7 A, like even when I go to Bed. My best ideas are next to my Bed at night. But I do have an awareness and it’s now, like only in the last couple of years that I’ve defined it and I got a filter that I run everything through and I’m like “Is this what I want out of this world? Is this what I want to be the best of me? Is this going to make me the best presenter in Australia, and in the World?”

So I am very aware now of what does that.  Every now and then I let my guard down but we all have to do that it’s just being Human.  You know and you’re like, well you’ve just had a big night out and you’re like – ah mate you really shouldn’t have done this or that – but that’s part of being human but I am aware of where I want to go to and that took a long time to define and I’m only 28, which is still quite young.


Mike: Mate you’re a chook.

Scott: Exactly all the Guys are like you’re a bloody Kid.  I’m still redefining it and I could probably talk to you again in five more years, but I think it is important and I think a lot of guys, a lot of my friends that I see that are in these corporate worlds and there in these you know nine to five, they are probably seven to eleven pm jobs, I don’t think they’ve got theirs defined at the moment. They’re just following a system they think is the right way to go and they are following a pay cheque, but I don’t see satisfaction in their lives and in themselves.

I would love them to be in a position I’m in right now which is like, you know what I’m feeling good about where I’m going and I’m not scared to take these risks and I think I just want to sort of kind of share this with them which is exactly what you’re doing with guys out there which is getting them to talk and discover who they are.

Scott spinning the decks

Scott spinning the decks

Mike: Cool and so you know, because obviously it’s very easy to generalise the nine to five or seven to eleven or whatever.  But the key difference there that you’re talking about really is that purpose;, you’ve got purpose in what you do. As long as someone has purpose, right, then they know what it’s providing for them, I think is a very important point.

Alright so we’ve spoken about success and a little bit about perhaps those condition masculine levels of success around sex and money and so on, so, let me ask you as a 28 year male that’s been through a few things and so on and it’s obviously something we love to talk about here on the show, so how would you define what it means to be a man today?


Scott: Alright, I think being a man today has all the things that we all know what it means to be a man . So that’s treating women with respect, treating yourself with respect and I suppose having a clear idea of what’s right and wrong. I think that’s a huge definition of what it is to

I think that’s a huge definition of what it is to being a man but I’ll put it like probably into an example that we can all relate to and use successful sportsman. I find the ones that are a man to me are the guys like Novak Djokovic. He’s number one in the World, but taking all that away there’s a person there that you can see deep down wants to help the world, give his time up and wants to basically wants to make this place a better place and help people out.

As well even on a small scale you can look at a guy that works at your school. He’s there giving up his time to basically educate people and to make the world a better place, define, what is right and wrong. I think that’s what’s being a man more so than having a big fast car, having a nice suit, having a hot wife and also you know ignoring all these emotions.  I think especially in 2016 and how much like suicide is present in our society and the pressures of Instagram, Facebook and you see all these glamorous lives and you’re like – sometimes I flick through feeds and I’m like “How the hell that’s person on holidays, how can they afford to go to Europe every single summer?” and it messes with your head a lot.

So I think it’s cutting all that crap away and just having conversations to be a man, I think you need to tick all those boxes. I still believe though and this might could be a very traditional way that I’ve been brought up that when I have a wife I want to be the provider in the house. Her job can be bigger than mine that doesn’t mean I’m going to be the one earning more money, she can earn more money than me, it’s not about the money but it’s about a wife is there and when she has a child I want her to like nurture the child and look after the kids and we grow them together. But I want to be in a position where I can provide for the whole household.

So I still see that as being a man and you know looking after the house and it goes back to the farming days, you know bringing back the produce and then, that’s just what I still believe is being a man but twisting it to 2016. Which is, you know, a lot of my bosses are women so it’s equality in the world as well. So I think men have got to wake up to that fact if they’re still living in those old days where it’s like, footy, fishing, and you know, and the women are in the kitchen.  Those days are 100, 300 years old now; it’s about seeing equality for what it is and bringing out those best values and the best values for yourself.  Ha – Does that make any sense at all?

Ha – Does that make any sense at all?



Mike: Yeah very nice, what I’m getting from that is:  one; be a real human being, who’s isn’t just self-centred but does care for and respect himself, but also cares and looks out for and attempts to make the people around his life a lot better. Also, we are providers, so there is a masculine role to be the hunter, so to speak, the evolutionary thing.  One of the things that I think is a very important distinction perhaps from the traditional provider in terms of the Industrial Revolution age which is money and provide, is providing a space for the family, providing a space for your children to grow up and have a healthy upbringing, for your wife to have emotional health and whatever it may be, that’s what I’m getting from you in general.


Mike: So leaving the conversation now that’s in your head what do you think is the biggest conversation that needs to be had and are you having it?

Scott having conversations for a living

Scott having conversations for a living

Scott: I think it’s just more aware of the people around me and as you said what’s the bigger conversation, well the bigger conversation for me is to initiate that conversation with people that need to have that conversation.  That’s a lot of conversations in one

Ha – That’s a lot of ‘conversations’ in onesentence.

I think it’s you know, stopping and just going – Forget about your life for once and just start thinking about the people around you and seeing if there’s ways that you can help them out and so there’s ways that you can assist if they’re in a sticky situation at the moment and in return that’s actually going to build on what I talked about before is being a success for me. So having those conversations with other people, finding out where their weakness are and then seeing if I can assist at all

So having those conversations with other people, finding out where their weakness are and then seeing if I can assist at all, which will, in turn, help me out as well.


Mike: Well mate thanks for opening up and getting into that.  That was cool and thank you for being here today and giving us a window into the real Scott Tweedie.  It’s been great so thank you.

Scott will be MC at the upcoming Sydney Beyond The Beers live event on March 4th. If you want to come along, not only to see Scott, but experiencing a powerful, interactive and informative ground-breaking day for men, then check out more on the site and grab tickets here.

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