Do you want more out of life?

Ever feel like the hardest part is getting started?

Want a comprehensive plan to help you TAKE ACTION towards improving your life?

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The BETTER MAN ACTION PLAN is your guide to Moving from Mediocre to Master – from being ‘one of the crowd’ in a VERY CROWDED crowd to becoming a 100% YOU – and thriving!

If you’ve ever felt like you’re kind of wearing a mask, like you hold back the REAL YOU from the world, then this product is for you.

If you feel a bit stuck, stagnant and frustrated, like there’s more in you but you just don’t know how to UNLEASH it, then The Better Man Action Plan is for you.

This plan is designed to challenge the broken model of masculinity we have inherited, and provide a foundation for you to find YOUR place in the world; DIRECTION, PURPOSE, PERSONAL POWER.

It’s time to shake the broken stereotype and become YOUR best, not someone else’s version of what you should be…

This plan – a PHYSICAL PRODUCT WE SEND TO YOU – is so much more than sitting on a webinar, AND so much more than reading a book; it’s a comprehensive plan (book, workbook, video and more)  to getting more out of life.  It’s the STEP-BY-STEP you’ve been looking for.

ONLY $39 (VALUE OVER $150)


If you’re new here then let me introduce myself quickly: I’m Mike, and I’m a Man Coach.

help men challenge the broken model of manhood and our constant need to prove our masculinity and never ask for help, even down to the smallest of things, the things that result in us feeling stuck and frustrated in life.

I believe we’ve had a narrow and unfulfilling picture of masculine success for too long; more sex, more money, more security.

I believe in stepping away from the status quo and figuring out what success is to you, the man.

I do this is by providing space to give yourself the permission to work on what is most important to you, and find the authentic man inside.

I do this through a series of workshops and intensive programs in which we provide a platform for each man to delve into who he truly is and what success looks like to him.

And NOW through this easily accessible and shipped directly to YOU physical product…

BETTER MAN ACTION PLAN: Moving from Mediocre to Master

What you get:

ME – you get me!  Well, you get a bunch of the stuff that’s in my head, that’s I’ve learnt through study, research and experience as a man and a coach of men for over a decade. Besides that, you’re going to get some ACTUAL MAIL – in that you’ll see the below things, including some personal and handwritten notes from me to YOU – TOTAL VALUE over $150!

  • Mike Campbell branded USB with a number of tools to help grow your cup
    • Comprehensive coaching video by me taking you through the Better Man Action Plan – Moving from Mediocre to Master. Like having me coach you personally – Value $100
      • In this video we’ll go through why you’re where you’re at, how to build the tools to get past that and how to work out what it is you should be doing with your life – from a small scale to a BIG one.
    • Complementary workbook for completion while watching and working through the coaching video. GREAT tool to come back to over time – Value $29
    • BONUS series of exercise training programs to help you execute on the physical aspect of improving yourself (“The No Crunch Ab Answer – How to get abs without being a sit up obsessed, chicken and broccoli eating weirdo”)
    • PLUS so much goodness to make this process easy in here!
  • Physical, and personally signed, copy of my book – This will be a continual guide for you to use on your journey of self improvement for all things, including the mental and physical – Value $30
  • Opportunity to dive into this content deeper with me and truly achieve Personal Mastery – total management of your cup and your life. This is an invitation for the dedicated and determined to STEP UP in degree of application.

Let Me break down the self-improvement process for you and guide you through how to take consistent and effective ACTION. This plan is designed to take the stress and confusion out of you’re at right now – getting clarity and direction in life, gaining purpose in what you do and ultimately, getting more out of life.


ONLY $39 (VALUE OVER $150)

Choose your location, INVEST in yourself and you’ll soon be receiving your copy in the post.

THEN check your email – you’ll hear from me soon!

Including postage

CAPACITY: I can only make PHYSICAL 30 Plans available at any one time – make sure you get yours now!

*Note that the prices below include postage to your location.

I can’t wait to personally get this in the post to you and start helping you get more out of YOUR LIFE soon.

– Mike

 Want a purely DIGITAL VERSION? Easy – CLICK HERE to purchase for JUST $19 and you’ll soon receive an email with the details for you to download all the files, including the video and book.


*Have some questions (or hesitations) about this plan? Check below to see if I’ve covered it already…

When will my Better Man Action Plan arrive?

This is entirely dependant on when we get the notification and then get your personalised notes done and packed into the post with the rest of your plan. We endeavour to do this within a day of getting the notification – then it’s up to the postal service, both here in Australia and wherever you are in the world. We’ll send you a note to say it’s gone though.

So, what do I get?

Ahhh… the detail focused man, one after my own heart. In short, the book is a staple of this product – a guide to continually use moving forward – BUT it’s only a small part. The VIDEO is the key piece of coaching and value investment for this product. I have created this especially for this Action Plan – it is nowhere else and you can only get it here. Plus there’s a bunch of other things too, but I’m not going to go into too much depth, if this is for you, then it’s for you – invest. If not, then have a think about what you’re after.

What if I already have your book Mike?

Well then you’re about to get another – either use it as a more ‘hands on’ guide and highlight, mark pages etc, or GIVE IT AWAY! I know that you know the importance of this kind of stuff for us guys. So think about who could get great use out of my book and give it to them. That alone is worth the investment – a gift to someone with genuine thought behind it.

“This might for some guys, but I’m ok, I think I have it sorted/on the right track”

Maybe you do, but streamlining your learning and progress through the assistance of a coach is what successful men do. Seriously, if we could do this stuff ourselves, we would have done it ourselves by now. But that doesn’t happen, am I right? Use me!

“Can I cut straight to coaching?

This is the process. I’m the coach, I’ve worked out a process that works for you, so trust me. If you can’t trust me on this then coaching with me isn’t for you, sorry.

Why should I listen to or trust you Mike?

Fair question. Quite simply though, I would hope by now you’ll have noticed and appreciated all the free – and fucking awesome – content I’ve given you, either on my email list, or here around the site. Imagine what I do when you’re investing in yourself and actually ‘BUYING IN’ financially… I think I just need to get in shape and I’ll get some confidence, right? Sorry, but no you won’t. I’ve seen it countless times consistently over the years. You MUST work out the WHY beneath all of those superficial wants in order to actually reach them and have them stick! It simply doesn’t work in the reverse – or very rarely.

Is this some airy-fairy thing about feelings?

We will talk about your feelings, but it’s not fluffy. If you can’t handle talking about how you feel and digging into that then maybe this isn’t the place for you. Of course I would counter that if that’s the case this is most definitely for you as you have some ground to make up dude, seriously. Time to drop the ego and do the work – that is what it means to ‘man up’.

I’m keen, but I don’t think I can afford it/prioritise the money, can I buy later?

Bullshit. Complete and utter BULLSHIT! Yes. You. Can. If you’re actually keen and want to make these changes, to become more aware of why you’ve been stuck, of how to improve and get more out of life, then you’ll easily find ways to PRIORITISE $39. Seriously, this one shits me. It’s an INVESTMENT! The nature of an investment is that is has value in it and a return coming. If you don’t see that here, then please do two things:

  1. Challenge yourself and your thinking; why are you here (in this email community of mine)? What do you want; out of these emails, and out of your life?
  2. Stop looking for reasons why things don’t, can’t or won’t work and look for reasons why they cansay YES to yourself – your future self.

At the end of the day we make our own luck in this life, so saying YES to yourself more is how you control your own luck. Make the easy investment today and you’ll see the return on that coming when you start getting into the content and working on it with me as your coach.

Cool? Cool.

 Want a purely DIGITAL VERSION? Easy – CLICK HERE to purchase for JUST $19 and you’ll soon receive an email with the details for you to download all the files, including the video and book.