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How to stop being a pussy

"You’re being a Pussy." It’s one of those insults that we flippantly use on one another, especially man to man. ‘Being a pussy’ is to be weak, inferior, pathetic - less than, right? Think about this, then - what message am I sending, and what side of the equation do I want to be on [...]

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Beyond The Beers – Episode One: Mike Campbell (Me)

*This is the transcript of the first episode of Beyond The Beers in which I'm interviewed. This being the short version. A fuller interview is available on the site. To watch the show, click here. "Conversations With Men, Me & Mum" Welcome to beyond the beers. Men breaking stereotype through conversation. We men love a good yarn, [...]

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Navigating the holidays – a single man’s guide

Ahhhh, the holidays... Family, food and fun. Or, is it actually a little more like... Urrggghhh, the holidays... Loved up couples everywhere, aaaand me. Single, lonely old me.   This might depend on how long you’ve been single and how ready you are to meet someone, but either way, there is little doubt the questions will come... [...]

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