MLK quoteA question I inevitably get often is “What does the term ‘Alpha’ mean to me?”


Seeing as I wrote a book entitled Unleash Your Alpha – I get asked this a lot.

“What do you mean by alpha? Isn’t that usually a bit of a negative term?”

Yeah, it is. That’s why I’m here to take the negative out of it and give you the description of the New Alpha Male.

Because let’s face it, the macho, big-dick swinging “I’m better than you” alpha is a douche. Right?


Redefining ‘Alpha Male’ – our alpha; the well rounded modern man

When I say alpha I’m talking about a great guy. Traditionally- ‘one who leads’. Not one who degrades and uses others to advance himself and his own interests only.

The new alpha – a true alpha and authentic man – is someone who knows who he is, he isn’t afraid to stand up for what he believes in, yet he’s empathetic to the needs and wants of others. He can be an ear and shoulder to console, yet he’s not a walk over.

This man is in great physical condition, he’s not a narcissist, but he takes his appearance seriously and looks after himself. He is confident in himself and his actions. He knows what he wants and he goes after it, without trampling others in the process. He’s kind, compassionate and considerate, yet driven and determined without being obsessed. He has integrity and is a man of his word.

This man is a legend, someone people not only want to be around, but are drawn to.

He loves his life, is happy and goes after the things that matter most to him, whatever they may be; relationships, jobs, success, holidays, sex.


So, my question to you today is- is this you?

What do you need to work on in order to get closer to becoming ‘our alpha’?

It can be tricky, that’s why in Unleash Your Alpha I want to make it as simple as we can to lay the guidelines for guys to follow.

So, here’s my top 5 tips to kick starting your alpha journey:

1)      Find your purpose- Think about what you love, what you hate and makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. Having passion and love for what you do everyday is a major factor in ones ‘alphastatus’, and ability to nail down the other areas needed. Get some real direction and chase it.

2)      Eat clean 90% of the time- Quality meats, veggies, fruits, eggs, nuts. Simple clean food with solid strategies in place, such as bulk food prep, are keys to nutritional success; top health and an alpha body.

hugh-jackman3)      Train like a beast- Train hard, train often and train with purpose. Often guys over-complicate training. Sticking to basic movement like squat, dead lift, lunge, pressing, chin ups and sprinting are the blueprint to athletic alpha success.

4)      Make sure to rest & relax- properly relax- Quality sleep, de-stressing, and looking at the world with a positive and happy frame of mind are crucial factors in healing, losing fat, gaining muscle and being healthy. This will impact heavily on your hormonal balance. Under-estimating recovery and chill time is an alpha killer.

5)      Take a look at yourself- You are a walking, talking, breathing brand. You need to make sure the you that the world sees is the you that you want the world to see. Always have your best foot forward- your personal brand is what people either like or don’t. Being a genuine legend is an alpha must have.


Have a think about these things, try take some notes on your definition and see how you go working on them.