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003 So you think you’re loyal do you?

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Why you (likely) have LOYALTY all wrong

In this solo episode, Mike breaks down the idea of loyalty and how it plays out in today’s world, especially for men.


We cover the origins of loyalty and how it starts from a biological level to the misguided way it often manifests today.


Mike then explores how we do this and the self-abandonment it results in. We look at why we do this, and how we can shift to a place of integrity and loyalty where we don’t first abandon ourselves so we can be stronger for those we wish to be loyal to.


Some powerful points to consider for any man who values (or says he values) loyalty.


It might challenge you to explore your definitions, how you may have been blindly running an outdated model of loyalty, but the aim here is to invite you to move to a new standard that will not only serve those people you have important relationships with – that you currently have loyalty for/to – but for and with yourself; the thing that all of those other relationships depend on.


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