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083 What men need with Traver Boehm

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Today I’m excited to bring you my conversation with Traver Boehm.


Traver is a good friend of mine and a legend in the work we do supporting men.


We’ve had him on the show a few times before to discuss topics like the importance of brotherhood.


In this episode, Traver and I dive deep into his UnCivilized Movement. We break down what it means to be an “Uncivilized man” and explore different paradigms of masculinity.


Traver also shares some of the challenges he sees men facing today. I asked Traver about finding one’s purpose and listening to your inner voice. We even talked about what he would do if he was President – you’ll have to listen to hear his answers.


Traver is a man of great depth and insight. I know you’ll walk away with something valuable from our discussion. So sit back, press play, and enjoy the show! And be sure to like, subscribe and leave a review afterwards to support the podcast.

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