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073 Conversations with an elder with John Broadbent

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Today I’m very privileged and excited to bring a guest who is a wonderful man and someone I consider an elder of men’s work in Australia.

That is Mr John Broadbent.  He has been in men’s work for many years, and we talk about that in this episode and well as touching on how we met back in 2012 when I was going through some shit.

In this episode, we talk about the changes he’s seen in me a little over the last 11 years from 30 to now at 41. And we speak to how that translates to our journey as men, these transitions around 30 to 40-45.

An area in which John has his own experience of awakening in 1991 at about 32, and his own journey through to his mid-forties, a marriage breaking up, and all kinds of challenges as a man. He’s an expert in relationships and working with men. He’s got so much wisdom and we talk about eldership and the role and importance of it, and why the hell it’s missing and what we do about it.

I hope that you get a lot from this episode.

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