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065 Facing Your Shit – solo with Mike

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How to deal with, face & overcome your shit

In today’s episode, we explore a simple concept of dealing with your shit.

Why? Because when we don’t deal with my shit I make it someone else’s shit.

In the episode, I explore my own personal examples of this from being single and dating and not being honest with myself or others and how I learned to make little justifications in my integrity, to then actually properly dealing with hat shit so I could overcome and move beyond it.

This is a short and loving – yet at times direct and honest – call to action.

For the men that feel resistance to this, maybe like it rubs the wrong way a tad too much, perhaps that’s because it speaks to the truth. And, as Jordan Peterson says, “The truth cuts way deadwood, and most people are about 90% deadwood.”

If this hits hard, it’s not a judgement, it’s an invitation – it’s time, as a brand new year kicks off, to face, own, deal with and overcome your shit.

It IS what holds you back, while simultaneously being the key to what is available to you.

Let’s make 2023 THE year things not only move in the direction you want and have been wanting (for quite some time now…) but that you get to monumentally set up the next stage of your life onto the trajectory that is available to you.

Get involved: Deal with YOUR shit

If you feel the call to deal with your shit beyond a little bandaid and some fluffy surface level and quick-fix attempts at growth, if it’s finally time to get real about this shit – then the EVERYDAY LEGENDS ACADEMY likely has the medicine for you.

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I trust you get something from this episode. If you do, my small ask is that you send it on to a man you think will benefit from it, even if he is someone with the potential to have some resistance to listening to it.

This work is about helping everyday men deal with their shit so they stop creating shit for themselves and others.

Because that is the shit.

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