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058 Working with your genetics with Kyle Riley

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“…We want things to be so fucking simple and cut and dry. And I see this so much in men as well, you know, like the black or white, it’s one or the other.”


This week, I’m joined by Kyle Riley to talk about Epigenetics, which is the study of how the environment influences the genes and how we can work with them when it comes to our health, fitness and wellbeing.

He dives into the age-old nature vs nurture debate and sheds some interesting insights into how our genes responses are based on both our biological genetics (nature) and on our environment (nurture).

Kyle goes on to discuss the importance of understanding how you’re naturally built, genetically, and then using that information in an empowering way to make better decisions to, create an environment that supports switching on good genes, suppressing genes don’t want to have expressed.

We also touch on the biological and behavioral differences between men and women and how these diffeences come from the level of the gene.


“…When we want that black or white, I think when we’re desperate for black or white life tends to have less colour you know, but when we can actually learn to be in the gray a bit more life can become more colorful.”


Kyle’s Bio:

Kyle is an International speaker and fitness entrepreneur who began his career with a degree in exercise science and since then has spent the last 11 years travelling the world educating and empowering both health professionals and clients in taking control of their health.

A former teacher for the Australian Institute of Fitness and now the co-founder of ShaeFit technologies and the Precision Health Alliance. Kyle uses his experience in education and business as he aims to change the paradigm of human optimisation through personalised health and future technology innovations.


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