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057 Tall Poppy Syndrome – Solo Episode

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This is gonna be a punchy little solo episode where I wanna talk about a topic that has come up a lot over the years within me, within my world, within my coaching, and within my content.

Tall Poppy Syndrome – This is the concept that the poppy that rises above the rest, the person that rises above the rest, puts their neck out above the others will be cut back down to size.

Growing up in New Zealand, if you are not humble to the point of belittling, self-deprecation and undervaluing yourself, then you’re too big for your boots. Tall poppy syndrome becomes a kind of humility which is then turned into a virtue. But what’s actually a type of self-humiliation and humility is not a form of self-humiliation.

Humility is actually understanding your capability, owning it, honouring it, not belittling it, not overvaluing it, not overvaluing it over, inflating it either, but being okay with who you are, knowing that if you want to go beyond something and you don’t have the tools.

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