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056 Learning from Women – Kylie McBeath

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“…sister wounds have had a wide and vast impact on our ability to feel safe, whole and free. So we do need to do that healing work just as men need to heal in brotherhood.” 


This week, I’m joined by Kylie McBeath as she talks about one of the deepest wounds women have with one another, betrayal.


She discusses that women have been sourcing their power and safety through men for generations, but there is a shift, and women are currently breaking free from this.


Kylie touches on how she builds a stable ground internally to feel more anchored within her own body and with her connection to the earth, which allows her to hold a higher bar of integrity for herself and everyone around her.

For her, holding that bar of integrity is what leads to more liberation.


“…even though it’s sticky, even though not a lot of people want to meet that bar at times, I’m just like, that’s the bar we get to hold when we feel really safe and grounded in our own selves is like, because really what happens is that re-embodiment, is re-sensitization process.”


Kylie’s Bio:

Kylie is the Co-Founder of the digital wellness community, Zura Health and the host of the Our Journey Home podcast. She is a writer, Earth guardian and mentor who supports humans in remembering who they are and their soul’s purpose for being here at this time. She is on a mission to reclaim the Feminine principle and make this world a just and liberated place to call home.


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