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054 Self leadership & Better Performance with Brett Robbo

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Helping men to be their best

Sometimes in life, you meet people that seem to have a smile on their face that instantly brings one to yours.

Brett Robbo is one of those people. A legend, no doubt, and a man who makes it easy to be better.

A former elite athlete and now performance coach for men, Robbo is a force of grounded positivity and pragmatism, and a joy to talk with.

I was honoured to meet Robbo a few years ago and now call him a friend, so I was stoked to bring him on the show.

On this episode:

In this episode, we cover many things from some of Robbo’s story moving from high-performance sport as an athlete to the side of a coach. We also explore some great pieces from him including the model of ‘be, do, have’ – where he breaks down for us the tendency of so many men to focus on doing in an attempt to then be something, instead of first being something – embodying something – to then know what to do which then leads to having what we want.

There is so much wisdom and awesomeness in Robbo, and he brings it to this conversation. I trust there will be something in it for you.

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Robbo’s Bio:

Brett Robbo is a proud husband and father, peak performance coach and optimistic lover of life.

After almost two decades in high-performance sport as an athlete, performance therapist and high-performance coach with some of the world’s best athletes, Robbo transitioned his skills into the non-sporting world after a major family tragedy changed his perspective and trajectory forever.

Robbo is now on a mission to ensure all young men in Australia are provided safe spaces to learn and develop mental health and emotional intelligence skills from professional and inspirational role models so they too can become great men, great leaders and great role models.

“In my work I empower middle aged men to become unbeatable in their mind, health, business and relationships. I am partnering with organisations that have amazing programs in place to train the younger generations of men so that my current work becomes irrelevant in the next generation, because they’re already upskilled in life skills that we weren’t taught about when we were younger”.




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