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053 – Preparing for Fatherhood with Ryan Pope

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Supporting your partner in birth to become a father

A few years ago I received a phone call that would change my life forever.

Nardia was away in Sydney presenting a workshop. I was at home on the Gold Coast with a friend planning for a huge event we were putting on for men. My focus was deep in planning and ideation.


The phone rang, I saw Nards’ name on the screen and almost didn’t answer because I was so in deep focus mode.

I answered thinking something must be up seeing as she didn’t just message a little update after her workshop ended.


She spoke two words: “I’m pregnant”.

Well, fuck me if that didn’t pull me out of focus mode immediately!

At that moment things came up and shifted in me – a process of change and evolution started.

Not only was facing fatherhood but the birth, and before that, all the preparation leading into the day our child came into the world.


I’m fortunate to have spent time on my own awareness, in growth, and have good people and men around me, so I was able to prepare myself for these moments and experiences and shifts.

But most men don’t have this, we don’t have support – truly – for becoming a father, for the actual birth experience and supporting our partner, and for the lead up to that day.


Well, now we do.

On today’s podcast, I am speaking to a friend of mine Ryan Pope, whose partner, Amber Hawken from Episode ) recently gave birth to their son.

In this episode:

Ryan has since gone on to create a program and experience for men to prepare for these three stages: the pregnancy stage, the birth itself, and then stepping into fatherhood.

I am pumped to talk about his own journey and how this process is formed.

In this episode, we dive into all of that.

While everyone’s experiences are different, the stages we men go through and are asked to step into to become fathers have many consistent throughlines. Ryan and I explore that in this episode.


I hope and trust you’ll gain something from this episode, including – I estimate – a bunch of further questions. If so – good. Questions, when followed with curiosity, allow answers. Answers allow options.

When it comes to living a better life – options are important. Dive in. share. Rate and review – I appreciate your support in getting this in front of more men.


Ryan’s Bio

Ryan Pope is a chiropractor, breathwork instructor and holistic health and lifestyle coach. He is the CEO of Powerhouse Mind Body Chiro, a multidisciplinary wellness centre on the Gold Coast in Australia and Becoming The Mountain, a mentoring and events business focused on preparing men physically, mentally and emotionally for their rite of passage into fatherhood.

Ryan facilitates mindfulness, and men’s work and co-facilitates at Alchemy, a multi-modality healing and transformational retreat for men and women. His focus is on creating balance and harmony in self, life and relationships through nervous system regulation, acceptance and commitment therapy, self-reflection and mastering daily practices.

Find him here: 

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